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Drunk and Rambling on..My Binge & Purge- part 2.

Okay this is Binge and Purge part 2.  I will do my infrequent  binge on alcohol and then purge my soul and thoughts  out to you. There are so many parts to my thoughts this time though, that I am going to letter them. At least that way we will know which sentence of my lunacy you are responding to….

Things I think about….

A) This site is called LukeIs
Luke WAS back a long time ago, but he hasn’t been back in over a year, as a matter of fact Luke Is Long Gone would be more fitting.

B) I paid to run a site that has someone else’s name in the title. I guess I don’t have an ego problem. Maybe I have a self esteem problem instead?

C) For almost 3 months I’ve been doing LIB, My Alexa rating is around thirty thousand which is higher then every other adult news/gossip site I know of except for That makes me very happy. EXCEPT yesterday (Saturday) , it dropped to 65,000! Dropped thirty thousand places in ONE DAY! What the hell were you guys doing yesterday???? Did all my readers have one huge party and not invite me? Well what ever it is you did, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!

D) Most of you don’t like Sarah Palin, and a lot of you don’t like Obama. As a matter of fact, it seems like a bunch of you don’t like either. So who do we vote for to be our president and vice president? ( Al Goldstein wants to run again, but seeing as you can’t buy political ads with food stamps, he’s out of luck) We really only have two choices.

E) If a copy & paste adult news website (with very little original content) grabs my stories and doesn’t link to me, and also blatantly takes my story IDEAS and writes a similar story and doesn’t credit me, should I ignore them? Or bring it up, and write about it, thereby giving them publicity and more traffic to their site?

F) Do you all know that I also run a daily website called Yes, it’s the kinder, gentler me, and it does have press releases on it. But it also has nudity. Monday is the best day to visit because every Monday is Masturbation Monday and I feature a movie and naked pictures from a movie. This week is an Elegant Angel flick, and you will see the most gorgeous real tits you ever saw in your entire life.

G) If you are a writer or poster on other sites, do me a favor and mention LIB there if it is okay with them. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do all I need to, and unfortunately promoting that this site is active again is at the bottom of the list. Dodging hurricanes, is a little further up on the list, lol. THANKS.

H) I am thinking of doing a free live chat once a month or so. Would you guys like to do that? Come and argue with each other live and in real time? Maybe even do it on cams so we can see each other’s ugly faces?

I) Do you want to swap text links with me? I am going to put up a page of readers links, so you can all click on them  and visit each other. Mutual promotion, like mutual masturbation, is ALWAYS a good thing.

J) I’m sure you noticed the HOT MOVIES banner ad, and the list of their top renting movies that I post. I sold them an ad. It’s the only ad I have sold. But it was the only ad I tried to sell.  So that gives me a 100% approval record. I’m being a little bit fussy about the companies that LIB represents. Being as loud mouthed and controversial as we are, I want to make sure the companies agree with an open freedom of speech policy ( which Hot Movies does and that is WHY I asked them) , or at least agree to put up with our shit talking. If you know of other open minded companies you think i should approach please let me know. I’m in this for the long haul and would rather have quality companies rather then quantity. Besides the major company support like Hot Movies, I just put up those boxcovers on the right hand side, because I think promoting new movies here is a good idea. So I will be contacting movie companies to see if they are interested in that kind of exposure. 

K) If you have a myspace page, make sure I am your friend dammit!

L) Why do bad things happen to good people?

M) Am I the only person in the adult industry who likes to play scrabble online? Cuz if I am, I am about the biggest dork on the planet. Wasn’t someone just bitching about being called a dork? ( Look up the word dork, lol)

N) If you don’t know who Georgina Spelvin is, than you need to study up on your porn history. Because besides being one of my best friends,  she is the greatest ACTRESS, who ever did porn.

O)  On the same note, you should also know who Harry Reems is. He went to jail for your right to watch porn movies. In the 70’s when “blue movies” were illegal to make, Harry  produced, directed and starred in them. And I am interviewing him next week. Feel free to send me your questions for him. But I won’t ask them unless they are respectful. He deserves our respect.

P) Is there an HIV outbreak in Brazilian porn stars  or isn’t there?

Q) If you would like to talk to me, but don’t feel comfortable leaving comments you can send me e-mails at [email protected], or just click the E-MAIL Button on the top of the website. If you send me questions or info, I might write about it but I will never give out your name, your e-mail, personal details,  or anything that reveals who you are,  without your permission.

R) What is a truffle? Isn’t it a fungus? Why are they so expensive? How can there be chocolate truffles?  Is it chocolate covered fungus?

S) I have been working on my book for almost a year now, but it has suffered since LIB came along. My book is called “Real LIfe XXX Love Stories” and is about couples ,where at least one of them is in the adult industry.  They are in happy, long term loving relationships. I have done about 25% of the initial research. If you know a happy sexy industry couple who have been together a long time, send me their info. I have to get back to writing my book.

T) What is your favorite “bumper sticker” type phrase? I guess mine would be a reference to Animal Farm- A nation of Sheep will be ruled by Pigs.

U) Remember my t-shirt story? I bought and sent one that said “Who needs big tits, when you have an ass like this” to Casey Parker. I asked her to take a pic of herself in it and send it to me.

V) September 11th is this Thursday.

W)  Hospitals scare me. I’d rather be sick at home and roll around in my own germs.

X) When I can’t sleep those old time shows are the best, like the Brady Bunch, Original Star Trek, and Leave It To Beaver.

Y) I couldn’t live without a computer. I love being connected to the whole world  24/7.

Z) Thank you for reading LIB. I was very scared when I first started writing it that all the readers would disappear, and you didn’t. Thank you for sticking around. You are valuable. This site is popular because of all the people who are a part of it. The posters and the commenters and the readers are all equally important members of our dysfunctional family…. Love ya Bros, sis, …

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