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Drunk Racist Colin Rowntree Stripped of XBIZ Ambassador Title

Took long enough. Colin is a a waste of space.  Constantly ‘gaslighting” female performers and causing unnecessary drama.

The rant that finally did him in is below.

I’m told after these posts, a meeting was held which resulted in him being stripped of his Ambassador role.

The XBIZ forum is basically where porn nobodies hang, so this is a huge blow to Colin. Dude is a miserable prick, the only bright spot in his life was sucking dicks on the forum.

Shit head Jeff Dillion tried to play it off as being something that Colin wanted.

LOL. Talk about 2 DWI’s waiting to happen.

BTW, the only people who were ok with Colin’s talk of killing the homeless were Jeff Dillion, and Duke Skywalker. That math is pretty simple.

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