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Dueling Christians — Heather Veitch Vs. Shelley Lubben

Heather Veitch blogs:

I struggle with revenge. I know that revenge is not of God . I know that it is not his desire for me to seek after revenge on anyone for the wrongs that have been done to me. It is his job to punish those that he feels should be punished and in the way he feels they should be punished…. But what I have been seeing lately is that I don’t think that I am the only one with this struggle. There seem to be ministries that are focused on getting revenge. They are ran by people that have been hurt in there past and now have returned to it ..although it is  not to help it but to get revenge. The sad thing about this is they are claiming this is all in the name of God. Which is making Christians look hateful and malicious. I can understand wanting to get revenge on those who have hurt you… but keep God out of it. God can expose and take down those he feels need to be taken down all on his own. If we are speaking to others about God with hate in our hearts towards them then we should shut our mouths and let God use someone that has love for them speak to them.

Also I see people who use God to control and manipulate others. They use there authority to manipulate others into doing their will not Gods will. I remember when I was a new christian.. I felt so inferior to the Christians that knew the bible better or had been a christian a lot longer than me. When a person is in this state they can fall prey to those who have a desire to control and manipulate others. The manipulator often makes them feel as though they have a special connection to God and that God is personally telling them instructions to give to the new christian. Sometimes this might be true but many times it is just that person using the name of God to get there way.

I guess what I am getting at is… it is embarrassing enough that I call myself a christian but often I am a big screw up. But to me its really damaging when we use the name of God to fight our own personal battles. When we go into a situation with a hurt heart then we hurt others and the whole time we are carrying our God sign to make people think that the hate, control, manipulation, accusations, and condemnation are all coming from God when its really coming directly from us. So I pray that when we want to go off Gods path and hurt people we could have the balls to use our own name and not Gods.

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