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Dylan Ryder- Exclusive Interview- Sweaty Latex, Filming KatwomanXXX, Tommy Gunn, Maple Syrup

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of BlueBird
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Dylan Ryder started out doing bachelor parties with Cassidy Blue. She hadn’t even masturbated when she started in porn. We fast forward a few years and now Dylan is Bluebird’s contract girl, or as they call her their Glambird. She is the only US girl to hold that title. She is also the star of their newest release Katwoman XXX. We talk about getting your tooth pulled, having sex with Tommy Gunn and lots of other things in between.
Xcitement: I know you are in a lot of pain from Dental surgery. Can you tell me what happened?
Dylan: I got my last wisdom tooth pulled. And I guess I was keeping it too clean because I developed a dry socket, and then an infection started. The dentist told me to go home, leave it alone and it will heal. I think everyone has a horror story when it comes to getting a tooth pulled.
X: I hate the dentist. I would rather have just about anything else, even a pap smear, then go to the dentist.
D: I actually have a crazy story about my gynecologist, who I am dropping. I’ve just hired a new one who I met through Mike the Producer on Spice Radio.
X: Must be interesting to get a new gyno from the guy on Spice Radio.
D: The one I was using, she was just completely lacking in bedside manner. She would say “Now you shouldn’t be having sex on film if you don’t want to worry about yeast infections, now should you?” So I was mentioning that when I was over at Playboy/Spice Radio, and the show producer said, you need to go see my Mom, she works for a gynecologist. So now when I see Mike he says, your pap smear is coming up right? It’s kinda funny.
X: So now you are home on pain meds from the dentist, and you get to do an interview with me! You lucky girl.
D: Yah!
X: How are you eating?
D: I’m eating jello, mashed potatoes. I’ve eaten ice cream and I’ve been vegan for so long, that kind of made me sad, but I was desperate. I’ve eaten lots of broth, some mashed up macaroni & cheese that my sister made for me. But I really don’t have much of an appetite.
X: You are probably losing weight.
D: Well I need to watch when I get down to 133 which is the thinnest I’ve been. I didn’t even weigh that in high school.
X: How tall are you?
D: Five foot nine.
X: And you’re curvy, so that’s pretty thin.
D: When I feel most comfortable I am able to put my hands around my waist and my fingers about touch.

X: Well you look wonderful even when you are sick!
D: Thank you. Yesterday I did a live show that my parent company, had scheduled and I was really proud to be a part of because I don’t do live on my website. But they had to change it to solo for an hour, because of my mouth. (Originally it was two hours with guests) I decided to do cupcakes.
X: I heard a lot about frosting, what was going on ?
D: Oh yeah. The frosting got everywhere. When I was doing shows on Naughty America I wanted to be kinda crazy, so I would put chocolate pudding in pantyhose and squish it out of the pantyhose while I was wearing them. I would fill up water balloons and let the cameramen throw them at me. The fans dug it. I did a human rice krispy treat where I rolled around on the floor in rice krispies.
X: What did you put on you to make them stick?
D: Syrup. I’ve done so many syrup shows. There’s this thing called Maple sack, where you cover a guys balls and cock with syrup and then you put the syrup all over your face so that everything rubs together. It’s like being covered with lube that you wanna eat, because it tastes so good.
X: So what is your favorite kind of syrup?
D: I used Aunt Jemima for those shows. But I actually eat Shady Maple, or Oaks or Farms Syrup. I forget what it’s called. But I get it at Whole Foods and it’s really good.
X: So back to frosting.
D: Well I have done a couple shows where I play with frosting, but I never had put it all over my body. I put it on my Fleshlight and ate it out of the fleshlight. I let the cameraman put the cupcakes on my butt and let the frosting drip down my butt. We had a good ole time. It was messy, but a lot of fun.
X: Messy can be fun.
D: I wasn’t the one that got to clean it up, so it was fun. I even got a message from Porno Dan, because we used his studio to shoot it, that he was cleaning up my cupcakes. Whoops sorry! And I made a joke that I brought some home because I was shoving cupcakes between my butt and trying to smoosh em and stuff. I made a joke that they still tasted good even after the drive home. Obviously I just came home and showered I didn’t lick anything off at that point. I must of been on a sugar high, because when I got home last night I crashed.
X: Can you imagine how much we could auction you off for if a fan got to lick off all the icing?
D: Oh yeah. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of porn star kissing booth, where we raise money for a charity. A great charity is called “It Ain’t Chemo” and they actually sponsor my sisters. They are MMA Fighters. They go around helping patients that are struggling with chemotherapy. I am actually going to be auctioned off at a celebrity auction that they are having in November.
X: What do they get to do with you if they win?
D: I believe it’s a date. I did a couple of those on my site. And one guy flew all the way out from Indiana just to have dinner with me. He paid me $2600 and I took a portion of that to buy my DVD’s and put together my care packages that I sent over to the troops. It’s funny because when I was feature dancing in Connecticut, one of the guys who was stationed overseas happened to be at that club, and he said hey you’re the girl that sent us magazines and movies! I was one of the guys that received that package. I was like shut up! I asked if he got the toothbrushes. I threw toothbrushes and toothpaste in there because I didn’t want somebody to open that box that was checking and say this is just porn, there is nothing to help them, so I threw in bar soap, chap stick, stuff that you can send. It was nice to know that it was received. So knowing that I could help another group of people, cancer warriors is what It Ain’t Chemo calls them, that’s huge for me. So it will be a dinner date, probably in Vegas. I’ll get you details when I have them. The organization is really awesome. They say whatever you are going through in your life, whatever personal struggles you have, just be glad It Ain’t Chemo.
X: Sounds like a great charity to support. You must have a very interesting family seeing that your sisters are wrestlers and you’re a porn star.
D: MMA fighters actually. They have always been super competitive. They used to play all kinds of sports. I was a swimmer. But I was more a girly girl. They were tomboyish their whole lives. When they decided to take up this sport, one sister did it and then the other one said I gotta do it too. They fell in love with the sport. Knowing they have worked so hard to get where they are at makes me really proud

X: What are your sister’s stage names?
D: Jillian Justice Lybarger and Jocelyn Lybarger.
X: You three should have a reality show.
D: We’ve been approached because female mixed martial arts is really taking off. So we’ve all agreed to it and are waiting to see if it happens.
X: Tell me about your feature dancing. I saw that you just signed with Mercedez agency. I love Mercedez.
D: I did. I reached out to her. I’ve never met her in person, but from what I hear she is an amazing business woman. She knows the ins and outs of the industry and of feature dancing. She is the go to person. I sent her a tweet and told her to add me to her roster. I don’t feature dance a lot. This is a new avenue for me.

X: What is your favorite feature show to do.
D: My absolute favorite one is my cowgirl one and that is the one that got stolen out of my suitcase when I went to do my east coast press tour. It was the cutest pair of daisy duke shorts I had ever found in my life and I had put studs on them. I was all excited because they matched a pair of boots I found. I just put together this whole outfit, and it wasn’t costum”y”. It was clothes that I made into a costume. I was really proud of it. I would always go and buy extra pink straw cowboy hats so I could give those out and I would have a guy come up on stage and two-step with me around the stage and twirl me around and that’s when I would take my top off. It was just real cutesy. I had a Hannah Montana song in my routine because I liked to make it cutesy and flirty. I don’t want to be a threatening pornstar feature where people don’t feel like they can talk to me. I want girls and guys both to feel like they can talk to me and have fun at my show. And what I especially like is when all the girls start clapping their hands when they hear Ho-Down Throw down, which is the Hannah Montana song, and she tells you by words in the song what to do. There is this whole little dance. Other strippers that are in the club will do it. And they will cheer me on. Bachelor parties I will pull them up on stage and do a Do-si-do and it’s fun. That’s the kind of show I like to have.

X: It sounds fun. You have to tell me about Katwoman XXX.
D: Oh man.
X: I haven’t seen it, because it’s not out yet. But I watched the trailer. Your outfit is hot.
D: Katwoman is awesome. Bluebird has relocated to Vegas. So we have moved our entire studio over the last couple months and got set up there. Since we have been there our editors have been working in satellite locations. So I’ve been able to correspond with everybody that is on board and try to find out what progress and headway we’ve been making with each part of the project. From the beginning I’ve had a major part in this movie because Nick Steele (the director) has allowed me to be the one to choose all of stills. I’ve chosen a lot of the pieces of action because we will take it like two or three times. And I’ve been able to go through and see what I like and choose.
X: How did you get to be the boss of everything? (Laughs)
D: (Laughs) Not everything, just my movies. If I’m in it I wanna have a say. I feel like I bring a lot of creativity to the table and I really love the guys that work on all our stuff. We have the most amazing group of editors. We all can sit down and laugh and joke and say what we like to see. And we have the type of team that will say, you like this, you like this, you like this, and they will take it and incorporate all of our ideas. So there is one scene where I whip my whip from the street and latch onto the back of a milk truck and I hoist myself up onto it and I am climbing and we are going through a tunnel in downtown LA. The joker is really swaying this truck trying to throw me off.
X: That sounds really cool.
D: When we were editing that piece I got to go through and choose which parts of the background I didn’t like because this was all green screen. So it was all wire movement. None of it was real. So when it was all put together, along with my movements, and I saw it, it was like oh my god! And when I got pushed out the window by Two-face before I became Katwoman, I had to be pushed out of the window and land a couple of stories down. So imagine two tall ladders, I had to fall, land with the blood in my mouth and everything, the whole eerie effect of it all, I had to go to standing and looking up at this building from where they pushed me and knowing that they all had a hand in this secret plot and I had to be the one to save Gothard City. The way that they captured it was amazing. I look creepy. Me looking up, I look pissed. It was at that point that I knew I had to become the Katwoman in order to save Gothard City. So it was a bunch of those intricate details that they let me have a hand in.  From what I have seen this movie is amazing. It looks so awesome and I can’t wait for everybody to see it because I am so super proud, not only because it is my huge feature for my first year being under contract, but just because of the amount of work that has went into it. These guys are Oscar award worthy editors.

X: I can’t wait to see the movie. The trailer is incredible. Who is the girl in the straight jacket?
D: That’s Gemma Massey. She is another one of our contract girls. She’s from the UK. She got to play Jokette. And basically what you were seeing was I went into the Joker’s lair and me and him weren’t at odds yet. He had this girl captured, or that’s what I thought. And he was behind bars. But in reality those bars raise quite easily and he had control of the situation. So it wasn’t that he was in jail and she was tied up, that was their ploy. They had me there to put me under a spell. It was all part of the ruse.
X: Sounds like a really well written script too. So who did you get to have sex with?
D: I did a huge scene with Paul Chapman who plays the Joker, Kagney Linn Karter who plays SuperChick, Mr. Pete who plays Two-Face, and a couple other girls. Then I got to do another scene..
X: Wait. Was that first scene an orgy? Bluebird is famous for their orgy scenes.
D: Yeah, it was all of us. It was so funny in order to get all the angles we needed we had to have three cameras and then go back and do pick up shots because we had a couch, a truck, behind the truck and then on the floor. There’s no way you are going to get all those angles without seeing someone else’s camera. That was the longest day ever, to capture all of the right angles so it all flowed together seamlessly.
X: So you would all be having sex and the director would say STOP, now camera two..
D: Exactly because the jib operator would get in the way of somebody that was on a tripod, and then the handheld guy would get in the way. But we had to make it happen. It was dark, because it was very dimly lit, it was supposed to be kind of gritty. So it was a really long day.
X: Paul is a really good actor. Is he good at having sex?
D: It’s funny. He definitely has positions that are his positions. He likes to have his legs higher than his body and have his body lay flat. Then the girl can ride him but he likes to do all the motion with his legs propped up. I have never done that position with anybody else. That’s his thing. Also in his mind as he is doing a scene he is thinking about everything. So when we cut he’ll be going off with director jargon and we’re like, you are a performer right now, you have to separate the two. And Nick will say it’s all right Paul, I’ve got this. And Paul will say I have this idea, and he just thinks of stuff completely off the cuff as he’s going, as he’s fucking, and it’s hilarious to watch him work, just his thought process because he just doesn’t stop. He’s already in the process of writing two huge scripts for next year.

X: What is your favorite scene that you’ve done so far for BlueBird?
D: Actually one of my absolute favorite scenes was in Cranked. It was with Tommy Gunn and Bridget B. Me and Bridget have such a good time together anyway, she’s hilarious. And Tommy Gunn and I have extraordinary energy on screen as well as off screen because we are such good friends.
X: He’s hot.
D: Yeah, he’s amazing. I adore him. We always joke that if neither of us is involved with anybody when all this is said and done that we are settling down with each other.
X: You’d have gorgeous children.
D: I just hope they would be my height, not his. (Laughs) I always tease him about that. We did a scene where he was my hired gun. Bridget brought him into my mansion and I was looking for someone who could kill off Paige Ashley who I had drugged and was still alive. So I was this tough mobster type of chick and I was asking him if he could do it and he said yeah he could do it. And I said prove it! And he grabs me and it goes from there into this wild sex scene. It’s a really really good sex scene. I was so tired after that scene. I said then, wow that was one of my favorite sex scenes ever.
X: Was that a tough work day?
D: It was a fun work day. It was a lot of dialog that day actually.
X: Do you like doing dialog?
D: I love it. I don’t know if I’m that great of actress, but I love it. Especially when I got to be Katwoman and play in a scene with Paul. Paul is very theatrical and I used to do college theater. So for me doing the theatrics part is far far easier that doing the “oh I’m sexy but I’m ordering a pizza, hee hee hee” That’s not my forte’  Just like when I played Super Poser in XXXAvengers for Jonathon Morgan. He’s like I need you to be over the top. I was like cool, can I do a summersault over the couch? And he said yeah you can. But on take number one my costume split up the crouch. So I was stuck. But everyone thought it was so hilarious that he even added in the sound effects. So I rolled over the couch and stood up and said “don’t touch my hair” because I was the girl with super model looks to kill was my title. I had to catch Danny Mountain and Chris Johnson watching pirated porn. I got to be hokey and dramatic. I like doing stuff like that. It’s expected to be cheesy and you can have fun with it. I hate trying to be sexy and serious at the same time because I just can’t do that even in real life.

X: How did you like wearing the Katwoman latex bodysuit?
D: It was hot. It was really hot. The mask especially. It hurts your ears. It’s like being on the phone with both ears. Like when you were a kid and you really wanted to talk to that boy and you kept switching ears and the top of your ear is throbbing. That’s how that mask felt. And I was sweating bullets. In part 1 of BatFxxx, our Batman, Nick Manning was drenched after each scene. I was on set watching the shoot when Nick Manning is getting the goons away from the drugs. In between takes I was walking up to him with a towel and saying are you going to be okay? Because there was so much sweat, you are drenched at the end of the day. So I was really fortunate that we shot a lot of the scenes when it was still cool. That suit is no joke, so hot and sticky. But at the same time it is sexy.
X: It is really sexy. I was wondering how you get out of that in a sex scene? It seems like it would be almost impossible to get that off and be graceful and sexy at the same time.
D: Nope. I have two of the suits and one of them doesn’t have a crotch in it. So I just pulled my boobs out and spread my legs, and voila!
X: Sex with Katwoman!

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