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E-mail-Is This From Skeeter Kerkove’s Kid?

I received this e-mail. I have no idea if it is for real or not, Take it as a joke or rumor, or opinion until proven otherwise…

E-mail is Note adressed as from son of  Skeeter Kerkove, Justin Boyce-

anything u would like to know respond my father is a great man many ppl aspire to be all the people who hate on him are just jealous obviously
bridgette patricia is a dumb ugly lying whore turns tricks for cheap
anybody who wants to talk shit just come talk with me cus i got his back to the fullest and all of you lames are blowing it
im proud of my dad he came back from serious jail time to being well kept..
he did nothing but spoil all of us kids he wold never do anything to us to hurt or molest us
while we lived in alpine village beautiful crackhead tuunga patricia lynn XXXXXX(she aint no kerkove) was out of control lying yelling truly psychotic anyone who would like to run ur mouth about my father come man up and step up to me im only 19 and will handle ur punk asses myself… hahaha jealous chumps time and place matter of fact bring some boys im living in big bear say the name im known
i was recently jumped by 6 pussies like urself
i knocked the first one out one hit threw the next into a barbed wire fence third one took to the ground at which point i was overwhelmed by all of them there all in jail ahahahaha and im just fine 19 yrs ld 150 pounds step up tugh guys run that mouth to me

thats all for now god bless the kerkoves except bridgette the bitch n all u scared mother fucking pussies just man up or shut up


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