Eddie Norton’s Triumphant Debut on SNL: Tremendous!!!

We here at Porn.com aren’t sure, but you may have heard by now that Edward Norton made his long anticipated triumphant debut to Saturday Night Live.  The actor hosted the best episode of the season and lead this year’s excellent cast into battle for 11:30pm-1:am rating supremacy in a heated war with probably, nothing else worth watching.

As a first time host, you watch this episode with a grain of salt but quickly realize that this seasoned veteran of Hollywood status is quite comfortable with live-to-air television.  His honest and charming approach to not overdoing or overshadowing anyone in the other skits, was at times mesmerizing.  He cam well prepared, and quite focused.  The comedic timing was almost too awesome, and he was able to bounce the jokes around and share the spotlight with the other SNL cast members, making this episode quite enjoyable.

Below is a group of the sketches compiled from this episode, and we hope you enjoy:

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