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Eight Positive Effects of WebCamming (Updated 2019)

Webcamming might not be a new fad in today’s “sex world”.  In fact, you might be surprised to hear that webcamming sites have been around for over 20 years now.

 There are several camming sites to choose from and each one allows you to interact in different ways.

The days of just watching porn and masturbating have been changing for years.  Did you know that 3% of porn is actually paid for?  

With the evolution of technology, interactive toys, virtual reality games, etc. people don’t just watch porn anymore.    

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People seek out engagement and one of the best ways to do so is by webcamming.  This allows you to interact, establish a bond, and yes masturbate together.

 There are so many positives we can take away from camming rather than just watching porn videos.


One popular webcam model LiviaChoice who cams at ImLive (has multiple awards in the live cam industry and also a communication scientist with a Ph.D. in cyberculture), who cams on ImLive has this to say about webcamming and why men seek cam girls out:

“I have been studying our contemporary society for the last ten years, and more recently applied this study to the Live Cams Industry in order to better understand this new market. According to my academic studies, we are living in a society full of people isolated from each other, hidden behind the screens of their electronic devices, looking for a social connection using online platforms. Live Cam sites are one type of these online platforms, and Live Cam models are the right people to help needy members, as well as fulfill our basic societal need of building connections. 

This perspective suggests that camming is much more complex than initially meets the eyes, and the real purpose of the job is much more related to the interaction between models and members (which includes the social aspect) instead of focusing only on the sexual aspect. That’s why I can conclude that the experience of masturbating online with a camgirl it’s an experience more human and more complete than the solitary of watching porn videos”.  – @LiviaChoiceXXX

It’s not all about masturbation for some though.  In fact, here are some common reasons people seek out webcam models:

  • Boredom.  A lot of people suffer from boredom.  Being able to interact with another human being is a great way to cure boredom.  Social bonding allows us to feel more like our life has more of a purpose.  Camming allows you to play games, talk about current events, bond, etc.   It’s a great way to stimulate your mind.
  • Depression.  350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.  When you’re depressed it affects every aspect of life.  When you’re depressed you don’t think clearly, make good decisions, and live a healthy productive life.  Americans spend over 200 billion dollars each year on mental health conditions.  Interacting with people has been proven to increase symptoms of depression.  
  • Safety/Discreet.  Meeting people online can be risky.  You never know what the person is like before you meet them.  Sites like Tindr, AdultFriendFinder, xMatch, etc. can be risky and very time-consuming.  Recently, Craigslist removed their “casual encounters section” to stop enabling sex trafficking (SESTA).  There have been countless stories where people got assaulted, murdered, etc. from meeting online and later meeting face to face.
  • Roleplay.  It’s not real and you’re not really performing any sexual acts with another person.  It’s a great way to explore your sexual fantasies.  Maybe, your wife or girlfriend isn’t interested in some of your sexual fantasies.  Different people are into different kinks.  When you cam online you can explore these fetishes.  
  • STDs.  When you cam online there is zero percent chance of contracting an STD.  Condoms can’t even make these bold claims.  A lot of different STDs can never be cured and you have to take medication for the rest of your life.
  • Randomly hooking up with multiple people puts you at risk for STD’s.  25% of American’s have STDs.  
  • Social skills.  Interacting with people can be difficult for people with anxiety an social skill disorders.  SAD (social anxiety disorder) affects 15 million adults.  This is 6.8% of the American population.  Seeing and interacting with another person online is a great way to improve your social skills.
  • Confidence.  Confidence can affect every area of our life.  Confidence is the most attractive attribute for females when looking for a partner.  Talking with people builds confidence.  Talking to yourself in the mirror has been a proven way to build your confidence, too.  However, physically looking at another person and communicating back-and-forth with each other is a great way to build your confidence.  
  • Addictions.  Addiction has been a national epidemic for over 2 decades now.  740 billion dollars is spent annually on substance abuse problems in the United States each year.  Sadly, the numbers are increasing each year.  Webcamming can help you kick your addiction and live a more healthy and productive life.

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