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Elaina St. James Touts Masturbation as Key to Ending 30 Years of Anxiety Meds

Top Adult Model Claims Regular Self Pleasure Reduced Anxiety Enough To End Dependence

(Chicago, IL) — Elaina St. James started on medications for anxiety and panic attacks in her early 20s, but when she started adult modeling online, which included regularly masturbating on camera, she noticed her anxiety was reducing naturally.

“After pleasuring myself sexually on camera, I found that I wasn’t feeling the tenseness and occasional panic attacks that I had suffered from my entire life,” said the popular MILF model and influencer. “Both my parents suffered from depression and anxiety, and yet neither of them benefited from the use of prescription medication. It definitely helped me function, but if I can live without them and their side effects, I prefer not to use them.”

St. James explained that part of her past stress was money-related. “I grew up in a working poor family and was on my own at 18. Money worry was always a point of stress, and certainly my adult modeling success has helped.”

She goes on to discuss body image and the stress of striving for perfection. “What I found in adult modeling was also an acceptance of my body and looks in general because my fans like my Mom Bod. As opposed to trying to date men my own age, who in general want to date women much younger, I have fans half my age who appreciate me just the way I am.”

When asked if masturbation is the key for others to end their dependence on anti-anxiety medications, she cautions, “Maybe, but I don’t think giving yourself daily release can hurt. I didn’t quit cold turkey, I spoke to my doctor and agreed that I always have the option to go back if needed… but for now it is working for me.

“Life is hard enough and self-pleasure is just that, pleasure. We must enjoy all the facets of life and as you get older, you realize you cannot take tomorrow for granted, nor should you wait for someone else to show up and give you that pleasure.”

St James says that before adult modeling as a busy single Mom, she didn’t take the time to enjoy masturbation’s benefits, “but now that it’s part of my job, I have discovered that joy and encourage others to explore this simple stress release as well.”

Elaina St James is a 54-year-old Solo Mom, Cancer Survivor, Pet Loving, World Traveler, and Top 1% OnlyFans Creator living her best life.  Elaina St James can be found online at Twitter, Instagram, and her adult content is also available at OnlyFans and Fansly. For more go to

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