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Elegant Angel having some trouble? Oh my!

A person from GFY said it best … “When the GM and former head of production for a company comes to GFY to vent you know it’s on”.

So earlier today a guy by the name of Graham Travis made this post on the AVN owned website.

Elegant Angel Bonanza Licenses For Sale

Hey I am the guy who won all the fucking awards at Elegant Angel and was accused of raping that cunt but I didn’t do it.
Anyway I have 400 Elegant Angel movies to license all the new good ones but not the new new shit ones.
You have to take all of them. I know you will all take the piss on here you fucking cunts I am the laughing stock of the industry you have all put me through hell I don’t know how you fucking live with yourselves after what you’ve all done to me these last three years.
But, email me at GrahamTravis1979 {at} gmail :dot com if you want to make some fucking money.
Someone buy the fucking url and do this fucking buddy finder dating website with me.
Someone do my fucking british rape porn website network with me. Someone build my fucking Elegant Angel discount website $4.99 a month. Or just put all their fucking movies on a tube site I don’t give a fuck anymore.

I have the licenses I was their signatory for 5 years use all their fucking movies I will give you the fucking contracts for cash.

I am fucking angry because I built that company and they fucking threatened my life with guns after I tried to save the fucking place from the divorce by mediating they fucking raped me, gang raped me, ejaculated on my face, scooped it up, forced it in my asshole until I puked it all out my fucking mouth and then made me fucking bathe in it.

What the fuck you know what happened. I don’t need to explain myself. They were fucking evil and all I wanted was a fucking directing gig, or a consulting job, and they couldn’t do anything for me after I built that fucking company.

The owner is a fucking cunt who is such a scared little girl she cares more about her fucking pride of not giving me a fucking cent after I negotiated her fucking house her fucking car her fucking everything and almost got myself killed trying to be a decent fair person instead of just fucking her and protecting myself and my future like any fucking normal person would have done.

Don’t fucking come at me with why am I doing this. Just hit me up and get these licenses offer ends Friday.


The owner of Homegrown video was quick to reply to burst the poor guys bubble.

Good luck with that.

Just by the content of your post though, and not knowing about any of the events you feel compelled to defend yourself against, and the fact that you are trying to sell content that you are deluded to think belongs to you because you “signed for it” as the employee of that company, I think I would fall on the side of believing you would be capable of all sorts of rapaciousness and wrong doing in your own self interest.

So what the heck is going on over there at Elegant Angel. Even if he can’t legitimately do these deals, it does go to show you by the post itself, something is happening.


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