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Elena Koshka Will Do Anything to Survive in Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly Series

Pure Taboo scares up a bleak story of survival in its newest Episode Future Darkly: Don’t Panic!, about a couple on the run seeking food, water and shelter, out now at

In a future world of disarray that doomsday preppers have long predicted, a power outage of worldwide proportions has left humans scattering for their very survival. Elena Koshka and her boyfriend (Logan Pierce, in a non-sex role) find themselves on the road looking for anything – or anyone – to help keep them alive.

They find a man (Dick Chibbles) who has food and water and is willing to part with them – for a price. He leers at Elena and says, “It’s a trade… just a few minutes in exchange for a whole week’s worth of food.” He looks over at Elena’s boyfriend. “Wait outside…”

Written by Bree Mills and directed by Mills and Craven Moorehead, the latest installment in the Future Darkly series preys on the darkest fears of humanity in an increasingly scary world.

“This is an increasingly common worry – no electricity, no Internet, no food, no water and people are desperate,” said Mills. “Where will we go? Are we prepared? And if we’re not, are we prepared to do what we have to in order to survive?”

The trailer and full feature are available at! The first two installments of the Future Darkly series, ARTIFAMILY and The White Room are out now at Go to’s official cast page to find out more about Don’t Panic! star Elena Koshka.

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