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ELEVATE Presented By Streamate Celebrates Inaugural Month With …..

Livestream entertainment giant Streamate ( is proud to announce a new community initiative, “ELEVATE” recognizing members and allies of the adult industry who are working to make a positive impact within their community. This month ELEVATE’s September Community Partner is .

Each month, ELEVATE, presented By Streamate, will spotlight a different Community Partner who is actively involved in making a positive impact within their community, whether it’s through advocacy, direct support, or creative initiatives. Each Community Partner will be featured on Streamate’s social channels to bring awareness to their respective causes and their work. Additionally, each partner will host three exclusive weekly live streams on the Streamate Network throughout the month to connect with fans and other community members in different, creative ways. Finally, Community Partners will have the option to expand on their platform and give further exposure to matters that the community should be aware of by writing an opinion piece that will be published in XBIZ Magazine.

“We have a team of people who have put a lot of heart, thought, and intention into ELEVATE, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Community Partners who have exemplified such dedication and care for others. I’m grateful to Streamate, a longtime leader within the adult space, for standing behind ELEVATE’s message and uplifting our community through this initiative. We look forward to cultivating a more conscious community through ELEVATE that emphasizes humanity and compassion.” said Vanessa Eve, Streamate Director of N. American Talent Division and creator of ELEVATE.

ELEVATE intends to change the narrative around what it means to be someone who is engaged in – or works adjacent to the adult space. ELEVATE highlights some of our industry’s best parts- assets often overshadowed by long-held social stigmas. Many others working in adult are fighting back with unyielding force against stigma and discrimination: ELEVATE is one way that we can contribute and further support that cause in addition to giving some shine to the bright stars who exist within our own community.

Vanessa continued, “We are honored to collaborate with her to launch this initiative as ELEVATE’s September Community Partner. She has proven to be a force of nature- a multi-talented powerhouse who is actively engaged in the fight for equality within our industry. She’s surprised us with a few superpowers of her own as we’ve gotten to know her over the course of this project, never shying away from offering a helping hand or putting her arsenal of skills with more than a decades-worth of adult experience to use.”

She is an award-winning veteran performer, producer, and industry activist. From being part owner of the world’s first unionized Peep Show to helping found the scam @bipoccollective, she has always been passionate about uplifting and empowering performers and the community.

“I am honored to be chosen as the first ELEVATE Community Partner. I got to where I am today with the guidance of peers and mentors, and I hope to support and uplift future generations of Sex Workers by sharing what I’ve learned along the way,” said her

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