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Elexis Monroe- pt 2-“I surprise people because I also like to do the freaky stuff.”

Cover & layout photos by Rick Garcia of IndustryByRick
Interview By Cindi Loftus
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AF: Seems like you have a lot of fun.
E: My family knows what I do. My friends know what I do. They have always known. I went to a friend’s wedding and she’s known me half my live and she said so herself, that I am exactly the same person I have always been. She has even watched some of my stuff and says you are just like that in person. You are just you no matter what you do. I genuinely love what I do. I love the companies that I work for.

AF: You are working with Girlfriend Films a lot.
E: Yes I started working with them again after my contract ended.

AF: How come you don’t do some mainstream porn movies?
E: I want too. I don’t have an agent. To be honest with you I have never persued that road. It’s something I want to do and am interested in.

AF: I’d like to see you in a big acting role.
E: I would love to do something with more diverse and serious characters. I would like to get to work with the bigger companies like Wicked and Hustler.

AF: I think you should write, direct and star in a movie.
E: Actually that might be happening very soon. I wrote some scripts for Girlfriend’s, like the back stage movie they did. When we went to Budapest I did all the BTS (behind the scenes), I did filming and I performed.

AF: That’s really cool so you are doing in front of and behind the camera.
E: That’s exactly what I am doing now. For example, no one knows this yet, but after the Venus Berlin convention we are going to shoot again in Budapest and the fans don’t know this yet because it’s a surprise. We are going to continue the series. I am going to be doing all the camera work, and probably write some of the stories and when we get back I am going to talk to Dan (the owner of Girlfriends) more about directing, because it is something that I want to do and he knows I want to do it. And I think it’s something he wants me to do, or wants me to try. I love doing the camera, I love writing and I love working with the girls. I have so many different ideas for series, and stories I’ve written. So hopefully that will be something that comes about in the next six months or so.

AF: So have you done a scene with Sandra Shine?
E: Yes we did a scene that was about an hour long. That scene was woooo, smoking! No one knows this yet but I used a toy on her that she had never used and never seen before and she had an orgasm and I said no we’re not done and I kept going and going and going on her. I pretty much drove her crazy until she could not take anymore. That was amazing. Sandra reminds me of Penny Flame, and when I say that people don’t understand. But to me Penny was one of the girls I met and worked with that was just similar to me. She was real and sexual and it was all genuine. She was a great performer and up for anything. It was full on chemistry and I feel in a way it was the same thing I got with Sandra. Oh God I love that scene. I can’t wait to see it.

AF: What movie will that be in?
E: I’m not sure what the exact title will be, as far as I know it’s going to be in Budapest Two. I think that will be out in early November.

AF: Perfect, same time as this issue comes out. You have a couple of labels you are called that I want to ask you about. One is “The Queen of Lesbian Erotica.” How does it feel to be called the queen?
E: Well I don’t want to say I am the queen. That would be my goal to be one of the top contenders for lesbian erotica. I would say that my performances, the way I act on set and the way I treat people is good. I don’t know if I’m the queen, but I’ll take the compliment.

AF: Another quote I found “She IS the best girl/girl performer.”
E: Ohhh, honestly that’s the reason I do what I do. Just hearing something like that will make my whole entire week. I don’t want to sit here and say I am the best because I don’t know if I’m the best. But I do think I am one of the better girl/girl performers just because I think over the years people have seen my scenes progress and they have gotten better and people just know that I really like girls. I think it shows that I put my whole heart in it.

AF: It does show, and it doesn’t hurt that you are hot too.
E: Thank you.

AF:  You’re welcome. I love that you did the movie Elexis Unleashed 2 where you worked with top mainstream porn girls, it’s weird to say there are mainstream porn girls. But you had Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose and Lexi Belle.
E: I actually picked them because I knew they were the best performers and all the scenes were amazing. I really am proud of that movie.

AF: I’d like to see you do a similar movie with some other performers, maybe Tori Black, Andy San Dimas, and even Belladonna.
 E:I love Elexis Unleashed 2. I heard it is getting really good reviews. I did a movie called Elexis and her Girlfriends years ago and actually we had started working on Elexis and her Girlfriends 2, but we only shot one scene before I went under contract. So that is something that I want to do. I’ve met Andy numerous times I’ve never worked with her. I love her body. Tori Black is just Tori Black you don’t need to say much more. Belladonna is someone I have wanted to work with for years, but I’ve never been able to get in contact with her. And she also shoots the fetishy kind of stuff that I love, bondage and S&M. I have the sweet girl next-door side. But I surprise people because I also like to do the freaky stuff. I really really do. Jenna Haze I would love to shoot with also. She is an amazing performer. She does panty hose fetish movies and I love panty hose stuff.

AF:  You like some kink. I know you did some work for Tell me about that.
E: That was really fun. It’s a completely different kind of orgasm when you are strapped to a wheel barrow wheel and are getting stimulated with a wand over and over again. I really liked it. There are a few other websites they have I would like to do. One is water related. Water just turns me on.

AF: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
E: Yes I want to have sex outdoors in the middle of the desert or in a waterfall. I want to masturbate while I am skydiving and film it. There are so many things that I haven’t done yet sexually. I want to have sex in the rain and in the snow. Basically I want to just do it everywhere like a jack rabbit experiencing many intense orgasms as I go.

AF:  Sounds fun. Do you masturbate a lot?
E: No I really don’t. Once in a while maybe, but not often. I remember one time when I was really horny and I wanted to masturbate, but I said to myself you are doing a scene in a couple days so just wait. And I did, and it was probably better than what I could give myself. There are some times when I am doing dialog and I can’t wait to tear the girls clothes off because I am so excited and soaking wet.

AF: I’d like to end this interview with you saying “soaking wet”. (Laughs) Do you have a message for your fans?
E: I love my fans very much. I hope they continue to watch my movies and email me and give me feedback, movie ideas, or if they have  questions let me know. They can get a hold of me through twitter or facebook. I don’t use myspace anymore. My site will be a fan site before it turns into a membership site, so that should be coming up soon. Also they can find me on the forums for Girlfriend’s Films or Lezlove. I love my fans 100%.

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