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Elexis Monroe Sets the Record Straight, Reply’s to Mike South’s Accusations

John Tribb Writes-We may agree or disagree about which side to take on Girlfriends Films Elexis benefit video .Elexis tried to lay the controversy to rest on,Twitter.. The problem is we have bottom feeders like Mike South who want to take advantage of any situation to get more attention for themselves. He’s raised a whole series of doubts about her illness and financial situation on his blog  without contacting her or even trying to find out what she was going through. Adult industry news sites like Adult FYI have taken his word as gospel as well as trolls on different blogs.
Elexis is a very private person. Here she reveals the reality of one performer in the industry just so people can really understand what she’s going through.. It’s far from the misogynist claims of Mr South and those who think  female pornstars are little better than liars and tramps.. I would hope at least that we’d get an apology but I doubt it. Elexis has and will always deserve respect.


Good afternoon. I’m not exactly sure how to start this, it’s not normally my thing. ? 

I appreciate you posting info about everything that’s occurred since I found out I was sick. 

I’m obviously beyond devastated by the last weeks events. It’s the last thing I expected, wanted, or need. 

I was hoping after Dan spoke to AVN and I spoke out, people would see the situation for what it is and move forward.

Ever since my very first photo shoot, I’ve always been very open and honest with all the fans. I love them and sharing my life with them has always been a joy. People know me and by watching my movies, I am who I am. 

I decided to share the experience because while terrifying, it’s informative on many different levels. An abscess, bone infection, health insurance, along with just simply hoping for help. 

I’ve been trying to get health insurance all this last year. It’s very expensive and difficult for me. I have a medical history that certain companies consider ‘high risk’ to say the least. 

When I had my Daughter almost 11 years ago, I had her 3-4 months early emergency c-section. I was hit by a car which led to me having an abrupto. Needless to say, my kid it lucky we both survived considering the circumstances and the amount of blood I lost and how early she was. She’s my miracle. She beat all odds and is my little genius. 

Not many know this but 3 1/2 years ago a few days after shooting I became ill. I was hospitalized because I had ovarian cysts that had ruptured and caused a massive infection. I also had to have a surgery due to this situation. The amount of scar tissue I have from my labor, along with my right ovary being enlarged, it’s just a few reasons why getting my own health insurance has been a battle but one I intend to overcome. 

I’m sure now with the last few months it won’t be any easier. If and when I do get insurance which is a goal of mine, it doesn’t change the fact I got sick and need surgeries.

As far as my kid is concerned, I don’t need to say much. Everyone and anyone who knows me, knows my daughter is my entire world. I’m a very good, dedicated single mother. I’ve raised her on my own with no child support, not even one payment to this day. I’m not on welfare or any gov programs and never have been. I have her all on my own and I absolutely love it. I love being here for every minute, every dance class, school field trip, important moment or accomplishment she has in life. For anyone to ever say otherwise is someone I will not tolerate. Especially when we both almost died during my labor. Bringing a beautiful innocent child into this, a child who’s watched her mother get violently ill, be hospitalized numerous times, have surgery, and has been through the hardest ordeal of her life is wrong. Shame on anyone even bringing her into any of this crazy nonsense. 

The drug comment? Really. This isn’t high school and just because some other woman in my industry have used drugs before doesn’t mean I do! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate drugs. Especially that crap. My fiancé long ago chose drugs over me, he couldn’t quit and I had no idea what or how anything could be that disgusting powerful over someone. I begged him to get help, quit. He literally couldn’t. I gave him back his ring and moved. 

The fact someone is telling my fans I’m using money to fix my house is ridiculous. Also, lies! I rent a town home that’s almost 30 years old. He’s been saying he’s going to ‘fix things’ forever. The last few months, being home more and sick, paying rent for things that didn’t work I snapped. 

I’ve had no working dishwasher for years or garage door. My over stopped working and because I was furious about cooking meals, he replaced that finally. The sink is bad, the bathrooms are 26+ years old. Plumbings, paint, fans. He finally just fixed the broken shower doors in my kids bathroom and put up a curtain. My own bathroom hasn’t worked and shower broken since last year so we share one….. And the carpet downstairs. It’s 12+ years old!!! The house needs fixed, basic upkeep and maintenance but there is no way in the world I would ever pay for a dime of that. I pay rent. The only reason I haven’t moved to LA is because my kid loves it here. Her school, friends, neighborhood and she’s had the since kindergarten. I will drive back and forth forever if it makes her happy but I want my house fixed. I want to be able to web cam or have guests over and feel my place is nice. I shouldn’t have to explain that to anyone and of course I’m not going to tell the world how I love my house but it sucks. 

Yes, my landlord is finally starting to fix things little by little in his house. I house I simply rent. I would never fix a house unless I owned it.

Now all this has done is people think lies and negatively about me. Things which have never happened and it’s really unfair. 

If someone doesn’t know me and has never met me, please talk to me. I’m the nicest person ever. If you don’t know me, please don’t make up lies about me as a parent, how I love my life, my health situation. I already had my face cut open, this isn’t some Internet joke or fun blog post to me. 

I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. I got sick. I had 1 surgery. I need more. That’s it! 

Even sitting here writing this it makes me cry. I love my job and my fans. I hate drama or confrontation. Not my style. I just understand why he won’t just leave me alone. 

I am not going to respond to anyone else or post anything about this anymore, for now. It’s not doing anything positive for me or my situation.

I wanted to talk to someone but I don’t want to keep adding fuel to a dead fire. I just want to work, be happy, raise my kid, and fix my face. That’s all. I don’t want to ever have to go through anything like this again.

Hopefully people will remember what was posted this week by myself and AVN and move forward. 

I hope some of this helps you understand a little bit more about things that have been posted or said. I make usually 28-35,000 a year. It’s not millions but it’s been enough to live. Am I going to try and work harder in order to have more for other things such as insurance, of course. I can only do one thing at a time and regardless what happens to me, my kid always comes first. 

Right before I was sick my kid fell ill with pneumonia and was also seen at a hospital. My dog also got Parvo and almost died. There went all savings I had. 

People think I just have all this money and it’s so easy to get health insurance?? It’s so sad. 

If you would like to write back or talk to me, please do. I can send you my info if you want. I just want you to hear the truth from me. I don’t want to respond to any of the garbage. I hate it, I know it’s untrue but I seriously don’t have time for hate or negatively in my life. 

I’m sorry in any way if you somehow have been linked or involved in all this. 

Please feel free to message me. 

Love, Elexis

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