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Elexis Monroe Tells us How She is Doing

Elexis just posted this on the  GFF Forum

I love you guys so much. Please don’t be upset or think the messages, thoughts, love, and support has had no notice. It has very much. Truth is, I’ve tried to come here and post and every time I have, I begin to cry and get very upset which is something I really couldn’t handle recently.

I have so much to write, tell, explain, thank. I’m now recovering from my first surgery, which was the easy one :/ I’m now walking and running again finally, outdoors and eating. Jaw surgery is no joke, terrifying to say the least. I don’t like being out under, period. I had no idea I was sick. I’m pretty healthy. Eat good, don’t do drugs, good hygiene. So when I was filming one day, couldn’t open my jaw the next I was concerned. One doctor to the next, X-rays later, and my jaw had to be cut open.

No insurance, no money, emergency surgery. No fun. I have to have a few more surgeries in order to save my hearing, sense of smell on the entire left side of my face, which could also lead to my taste buds. My left sinus and nasal cavity is almost completely gone, I need bone graphing to save what’s left. I haven’t been able to hear very well if at all in my left ear for weeks. I could lose a lot but hearing my kid I can’t lose. Tasting food, smelling my kid when she gets out of the shower. Smelling each woman I make love to or kiss. You all know how much I love smell and taste…… I’d rather not.

Not only the loss of senses, further damage or bone loss can and will most likely occur if I don’t save what jaw/cheek bone I have left. This is like a nightmare. I’ve been trying to get insurance for 7 months, not knowing I was sick. I thought it would be good to have, especially because I have a kid. I have good health normally and rrarely ever get sick, ever. So, considering I’m a single parent of a 10 year old, no child support, my entire goal has been her. Making sure she has insurance, she has it all.

Now here I am, pretty scary sick, no insurance, no safety net, with a child I completely refuse to leave. Being hospitalized and having my 10 year old dress me, feed me ice, monitor me, take pictures of me sick while sleeping in the hospital is NOT what I want for her. This time has made us stronger than anything but it’s the holidays. Kid needs a break and some Legos.

I love you guys a lot. Its the main reason I’m still in this industry, doing what I do. It’s because of my fans and the fact I get to work with very exceptional people. I appreciate so much all the messages, emails, donations, comments I’ve received from people. It’s been a rough road. Doctor cleared me this week to go back to work and exercise until my next surgery. Body needs to recover a bit and enjoy itself. I’ve been walking, now running. No sex yet, that’s because I haven’t done a scene yet… Hehe.. However, I’ve already begged Dan to pair me with Bree Daniels and Zoey Holloway ASAP, strap on possible.

Everyone knows how much I love Dan and GFF. Here we go, already crying…. Dan was the first person who ever filmed me. Today, we are family. I love Dan and always will. What Dan, GFF, and the models and fans are doing to help me I will never be able to thank enough. I did say on my KC show I’d give him a kidney if he needed it and I wasn’t joking. What he’s doing for me now is simply one reason why I said that and have always been such a loyal brat to us! I’ll love Dan until the day I die and he’s one of the main reasons I’m still in this industry. Dan not only makes great movies but cares about the people who perform in them. I honestly can say myself I’ve never had anyone of his stature show what he has shown in regards to the care and concern or my friends and girls like me.

Ok. I’m crying now… I’ll post later but I want you to know I love you all so much. Good news, I’ve been doing tons of writing which mean more Elexis movies for us!!!! Yay! So happy people love what I’m doing and thank you to XBIZ and AVN for nominating myself and the work I’ve done so far with GFF. Much more to come, let’s bring one home.

You have the PayPal info and GFF office info…. I know this is silly, people are asking me for a wishlist etc. I don’t have a wishlist amazon thingy. I only want help to have surgery, get better, take care of my kid and work. However, if people do want to send gifts, send my kid some Legos. I know it sounds silly, she’s all about the new girls Legos they have. It’s Legos though so I support it. Books, Legos, girly hair crap. You can send them to the GFF offices and I can get them.

I’ll be back on later for some movie-news related stuff. Increments. I love you…. Thank you.


PS. I don’t want to say hooker out today. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone in CT. So sad what happened at the Sandy Hook School. My kid is 10. So sad. Thoughts and prayers from me to all. <3

NL- I’m adding this part – You can  send to Girlfriends Films 6850 Canby Avenue #106 Reseda, CA 91335 . Cheques to help Elexis can also be sent to the same address in the name of her mother Kathleen Harper. Money can also be sent via Paypal at [email protected]

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