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Elexis Monroe- Very Ill

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Elexis Monroe- Very Ill

by Jon Tribb

We have to help Elexis Monroe

 It’s simple and it’s very,very sad. It started with Elexis’s alarming tweets just a week ago:


So here it is. I’m sick. I need surgery. a surgery that I have to have or I may die. No fucking joke. I need help from my fans and friends! 

Please… I don’t ask for much but I love my kid. My kid had no father so I can’t leave her alone. I think my pressure is about to explode…

I’m going to set up a page and site for donations and funds. My face is bent cut open and chopped apart, I’m terrified. Not even kidding

I’m trying to get a page set up to donate for friends and fans’. Please… This is my face. I have to have this surgery, it’s in my bones :(

Truth is I just found out I’m sick. I have a mass a massive infection in my facial bones. Don’t know how or why but if I don’t have surgery

I could die. An abscess will kill you! I can’t leave my baby. My kid is my life. I’m her only parent.

    This was followed a couple of days later by:

First surgery-removing bones, teeth, cutting gum apart to get inside my jaw bone, then up inside my cheek and left nasal canal as of now

That’s if the infection has gone down enough by then. Then recover, then go in for #2 to make sure jaw is healed enough to begin pairing.

Then there’s a few more. Little by little. As long as the abscess doesn’t any further in my facial bones, towards the brain, or in blood

Stream, I should have a solid chance of full recovery. An abscess is no joke. Then I’m going to fix everything my last dentist f*cked up

Because if not, if I don’t get all the bad bones out and make sure everything is corrected right, I could get an abscess again & more severe

    And just a few hours ago Girlfriends Films  posted on their forum:

    Elexis was optimistic earlier in the week but had a rough Thanksgiving day. She finally drove herself to the hospital earlier today, where they sedated her a few hours ago, hopefully to drain the jaw abcess that’s been the cause of the problems

Since then no news.

    We’ll keep everyone posted about her progress. When there is a link to a donations page we’ll let you know.

      I’m sure you’ll agree that we wish her the speediest recovery possinle.

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