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ELITE WEBCAM MODELS- You Demand I do What?

NL-Wait a minute, you have press releases written & sent out, just hoping I’ll put them up so you get free publicity for your business, ELITE WEBCAM MODELS. ( Now you DEMAND that I take everything with your name in them down or you’ll have your “lawyer take control of the removal process.”  That sounds like a load of rudeness and bullshit to me. You can DEMAND things all you want too. Doesn’t mean they are going to happen. And with all the rumors I am hearing concerning deals ELITE WEBCAM MODELS made & then broke, I think demands are soon going to be made to you, FOR PAYMENT. This is now a news story. You cannot demand that news stories be taken down because you don’t like what they say. Anyone who has had dealings with ELITE WEBCAM MODELS, good or bad, please contact me. [email protected] Jacob Hayson, you can do the same. Try please and thank you next time.


To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing you to formally request that my name “Jacob Hayson” as well as my company name “Web Empire” be removed from all articles, tags, press releases, and stories on    ****************


As per my request you have 15 days to remove all text containing “Jacob Hayson” and “Web Empire” from the above mentioned website. If this matter is not addressed in 15 days my lawyer will take control of the removal process.


Thank you for your time,


Jacob Hayson

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