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Ella Nova and Mickey Mod in Part 5 of TRENCHCOATx’s Series Sun-Lit

Specialty erotica studio and website TRENCHCOATx presents the fifth episode of its original series, Sun-Lit, starring Ella Nova and Mickey Mod, available now exclusively at TRENCHCOATx

Sun-Lit’s director, adult superstar and TRENCHCOATx boss Kayden Kross, beautifully frames the golden couple, backlit against the sun’s rays on a hazy afternoon. The scene recalls “a Seventies vibe film played alongside a lonely sounding guitar,” according to Kross.

“The chemistry between these two is off the charts. I let Mickey and Ella pick each other for this one,” said Kross. “Because of things like schedule and geography, we had to wait to get this made, but it was so worth it. They seem so helpless in their attraction to each other.”

Kross’ sun-dappled series has earned stellar reviews since the first episode’s debut in March – the first four scenes were released on DVD in August – with particular interest in the director’s sublime cinematic effects, weaving beams of light with couples in the throes of passion.

“I wanted to work with Mickey because we’re close friends and know each other’s bodies well,” said Nova of her co-star. “This scene felt more like a perfect date than a performance!”

“The chemistry was amazing!” agreed Mod. “I’m always so happy to work with Tx and Ella is a dream–so sensual and engaging.”

Sun-Lit, Part 5 starring Ella Nova and Mickey Mod is available now at For more information go to and or follow on social media:

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