Emoji Sex Toys Break into the Market

Sexting is a whole lot more fun now that emoji are out there. You can send someone a peach plus an eggplant to indicate a desire for anal sex and there are numerous other combinations that might seem innocent enough to someone who is not in the know but that are completely filthy to the mind of those who are hip to the emoji jive. Since there is no obvious cock emoji, most people tend to use the iconic eggplant to mean dick, and now one company is capitalizing on that.

Pixelrise, LLC has created the emojibator, a sex toy that is perfectly shaped like the eggplant we have all come to know and love. Now you can bring your sexts to life! The toy is actually completely waterproof and you can use it in the bath or even a pool, and it is made of medical grade silicone. It has 10 vibration settings and is sure to be a big hit with the millennial set who are always using kooky emojis.

If you even do a cursory search around the internet, you’ll find there are plenty of eggplant emoji themed items around. You can wear an ironic shirt with the eggplant on it or sport a hat with the sexy dick substitute.

With recent sexual studies showing that millennials have less face to face sex than previous generations, the emojibator is probably going to be pretty popular. People will probably use it as they chat with a cam girl or watch some of my favorite recommended porn sites right here on The Porn Dude. Some experts are actually worried about the fact that people are having less sex these days, but in my opinion it’s a great thing. People, especially millennials are getting more in touch with their sexuality on their own, using toys like this, and finding out what they like via porn and camming before venturing off into the world of real life sexual interaction.

As such, this toy is not marketed as a tool for partner pleasure, though it could certainly be used as such, but as an easy and accessible tool for self pleasure and self discovery, which seems right up a millennial’s alley. but who is to say that age group is the only one who should be able to enjoy the emojibator? Anyone can be as ironic as they want while they watch some of my favorite porn sites.

What are your favorite sexting emojis to use? If the eggplant is one of them, check out sites like Reality Kings and Bang Bros which feature lots of hot chicks who enjoy using that emoji too.

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