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Epassporte is a MESS again…

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Dear Webmasters,

This email is intended for all affiliates using ePassporte as payment option. Visa has suspended the partner bank of ePassporte, all money on your Virtual Visa account cannot withdrawn by bank transfer or your ePassporte credit card until this issue is sorted out.

We highly suggest you login into your ePassporte account and go to your Wallet settings and make sure all your future payments will go into your wallet and *not* into your Virtual Visa account.

No ePassporte payments will be made until they sort out the issue.

You can do 2 things at the moment, wait and see what will happen in the next few days with ePassporte (and if it does not look good we sent you an alternative payment mid next week) or get your payment by wire transfer or check now. In that case you have to change your account in our affiliate area so we have the correct details and let us know you have changed them so we can take care of the payment.

There’s some confusing about changing the payment settings. You need to change from ePassporte to e.g. check and submit, go to your email and verify the link you get (page still shows old payment type). Reload the page in NATS where you can edit your payment details and change them (page ask for details on your new payment type now), submit and verify again.


Team SMCRevenue.Com   

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