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Erika Icon & Johnny Goodluck Try and Bully A Performer Into Signing NDA

Somehow, we here at TRPWL are not surprised.  Johnny, who cant even spell NDA, would never dream of asking someone to sign one. Shrek Icon on the other hand, knowing that TRPWL is always watching for an in, would.

Bartholet, if you’re reading this, a NDA, or non disclosure agreement, is something you have someone sign when you want to keep your wrongdoings a secret.. Here, let me give you an example.

You meet some girl on Twitter, she just turned 18 and you some how have convinced her she can be the next Dakota Sky, only if she lets you do things to her..She’s hesitant , so you do what you always do, you give her drugs. Only she’s smart, she sees you drop the roofie into her cocaine laced Ginger Ale, and says hey James, what are doing?  In a panic, you offer her some of your finally worded PRs, and free ad spots on your popular and legitimate podcast..But, if she wants to be rich beyond her wildest dreams,. she has to sign a NDA, after all you don’t want TRPWL to know what you’ve been up to

Now that everyone understands what a NDA is, lets get to the meat of this finally crafted opus

From what I can tell, Lily Glee was rooming with Johnny and shit went sideways. They reached some sort of leaving agreement and now Johnny isn’t holding up his end..

For what its worth, Johnny “Do you recognize my Penis” Goodluck has never gotten  positive reviews as a roommate.In fact his yelp score is no stars.  Living with Johnny is the equivalent of Jessy Jones moving into a battered women’s shelter, it’s not gonna end well

There’s so much more to this story, but it can wait for another day…


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