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Erika Icon Preemptively Bans People From The APAC Mental Health Pot Party

I know what you’re thinking, Does TRPWL care about SEO?  Nope.  You’re also probably wondering why Erika Icon would have any say so in an APAC guest list?  Great question. In between booking her clients on privates and writing blogs about the clients who fire her, she got hired by APAC to do whatever it is Erika does.

I used the word hired, because some how she finagled money from someone connected to the drug well being over 21 rooftop we pretend we care but we really want to get high and ban people who Erika doesn’t like fundraiser..

I think when Erika was making the list, they first person she should of banned was herself, not sure what the Riley’s were thinking, oh wait, it’s the Riley’s, not much thought goes into anything they do..

Erika is one of the most hated people in porn, and for good reason. She’s a total piece of shit

APAC, once a great organization, has been reduced to a low level drug pushing operation with exclusionary events.

APAC says they represent the industry, I guess that’s true, unless you’re under 21 or an enemy of Erika Icon, then you’re persona non grata.

Erika Icon

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