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Erin Moore is BAAACK, Again!

I spent some time trying to get ahold of Erin Moore after I saw her on twitter. A quick explore of her name, lead me some interesting places. First to Pink Cross, where according to the article there, she was treated badly by agents and taken advantage of. This article says bad things about Erin’s ex, Kris Slater, and tells that there were may drugs on set.  ( )  My search also found that Erin was contract girl Ruth Blackwell for I first asked Erin to explain what had happened in the past, and then asked her specific questions. I believe she was guarded in her answers to me, but tried to be honest. Read and decide for yourself.

I just found this quote from Erin on Shelley’s site  “I am so grateful for Pink Cross Foundation for reaching out to me and helping me better myself. I’m now strong enough to stand up and say, “I’m done with this horrible industry!” Thank you Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation for loving me and seeing me as the greatwoman I am.” – Amanda, former porn star Erin Moore

Erin Says to LIB– I left the industry because my contract ended and I moved to finish college. I think words were twisted and made things look A Lot worse than what was actually said. I wasn’t ‘saved’. It was a decision I made on my own and needed some time to do other things in life. Coming back into the industry was something that kind of jumped at me and I took the opportunity to do so. A lot was going on in my life and I won’t comment on the specifics, because everyone who knows me, knows the truth. I’m not a mean and malicious person and wouldn’t be back here if certain things that were said were true. I’ve asked for them to be removed and obviously they haven’t. There’s nothing I can do but say my side. Thanks for contacting me Cindi!

Do I have this time line right Erin?
First you were Erin Moore, then you left?
You came back under contract as Ruth Blackwell
You left, went to school and just came back as Erin Moore.
You’re right on the timeline.

Can you tell me how you ended up dealing with the Pink Cross? Did you receive money from them?
Can you tell me what in the Pink Cross article you didn’t say?

I didn’t get money from the pink cross. I’ve never met Shelly lubben, there was MySpace contact. I haven’t read everything on there because it has  made me very angry and have asked for certain things to be removed. Obviously, that hasn’t happened.

So basically, you are saying you had little contact with Pink Cross & you did not write the story that is up on their site, correct?
I didn’t write the story or post it. I didn’t know that talking to her would lead to falsifications over the internet. But, it is what it is and thats the past.  

Do you have a relationship with your baby’s father Kris Slater?

 I have nothing to say about kris slater. If I were to dwell on this kind of stuff, it would be a waste of my time.

Did you do  drugs while in the industry?
Of course I partied early on…I was young and had fun. That’s a thing of the past though. I’m almost 28 years old and I have important priorities.

How can people who want to book you get in touch?
To book me everyone can do so with Type9 models.

How can your fans get in touch?

Fans can reach me on Twitter and my website, will be up and running very soon again!

How do you like being back?
Oh, and I love being back!


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