Erotic Massages with Happy Ending

Unless you are a frequent visitor of the spas, it is hard to pick them out from other shops or businesses across the street. To any passerby, what they see is just a convenience store. But in reality, there are hundreds of erotic spas all over the cities. They are designed in such a way that not everyone will notice of its existence, and only frequent customers can pick them out. Such spas represent the rapidly increasing parlours for a surprisingly (perhaps not so surprisingly) large group of erotic massage customers. It is currently a booming sex business in 2017, but it just points out how far people are willing to go for entertainment.

What exactly is a happy ending massage?

This might be the question you are asking yourself. Relax, you will have known everything about it by the time you are done reading this piece. Any massage that ends with sexual contact or orgasm (usually in the way of a hand job) is referred to as a happy ending massage. These services are available for both men and women though typically members of the male gender tend to frequent these spots more (for obvious reasons).

In most times, there is an indication that the massage will have a ‘happy ending’. Usually, it is possible to derive that from the name of the particular spa (for instance, Pleasers Spa) and others some seedy appearance that has a neon sign saying ‘welcome’. There are also codes which might give more than a hint of a happy ending. For instance, thigh massage and body-to-body massage are some of the words used to suggest a happy end may be in the offing.

What about the therapists? They are usually high heeled, stunning women who will give you a back massage and flip you over, give you a hand job, typically without warning. No one wouldn’t love to be subjected to such a surprise.


There is something you need to keep in mind though. Most of these spas are routinely targeted by the police who assume they are fronts for prostitution. You don’t want a police raid in the middle of your massage, do you? Trust me that would be embarrassing. You may also visit a spa that has every indication that a massage will have a happy ending, even with the possibility of being laid. But once you pay to get inside, all you get is a crummy massage. Try raising a voice about it and a burly bouncer steps into the room and throws you out of the spa. Not such a ‘happy ending’ now is it? You have to be streetwise as well.

Is such a massage legal?

Well, I am not an expert in legal matters, but erotic massages are mostly illegal and are therefore not available in legitimate spas. If you visit an authentic massage spa and try giving some wicked signals to the therapist, for example, groaning and suggestively grinding, you will get a warning that she will stop if you continue with your indiscretions.  Make sure you don’t ask for an erotic massage in a legitimate massage parlour unless you want to embarrass yourself. Same goes to women by the way. You don’t want an embarrassed therapist explaining to you the boundaries of his profession and how he loves his job, and he can’t lose it blah blah blah.

Happy ending massage in Asia

It is considerably less of a hassle to get a happy ending massage in most Asian countries. This is the case especially if you are visiting regions such as Bangkok and Thailand. In other areas like the Philippines, you get a highly skilled and sensuous massage they refer to as ‘lingam massage’ which ends with a penis massage. I definitely should be booking the next flight to Cebu City, Philippines. However, don’t assume you will get such a massage everywhere. Mostly there will be sexual signs which will more than give a hint. Be on the lookout pal.

Women tend to shy away

There is no subtle approach for men when it comes to erotic massages. It’s pretty easy to know where they are headed with that. They will even directly ask about it.  For the women though, it’s a bit challenging. Male therapists agree that it is impossible to know whether the women want sexual contact or not because they are too shy (most of them anyway) to pronounce their intentions. Apparently, they are afraid of being humiliated which has happened to many female clients in reality.

The key to erotic massages is essentially clear communication ladies and gentlemen. Moaning and saying how great it feels is one way of letting the male masseur know you would like to take it to the next level. Who knows? You might even get yourself a date in the process. I know that sounds a bit unprofessional but many ladies have ended up dating their masseurs so you won’t   be doing something that is utterly alien.

How much does it cost?

While this is decided by where you have your massage or how far you are willing to go, erotic happy ending massages are quite costly. If you want to have a mid-massage “manual release”, it is likely to set you back some $80 for a 30-minute massage and a hand job. Not like there is a shortage of customers willing to fork out even more, for instance, if the massage ends in actual sex, you should be prepared to part with at least $150. With the industry’s annual revenues estimated at over $10 billion, there is no shortage of customers willing for a ‘quick release’. On average, masseurs take home $6,000 while in some cities like Los Angeles, the figure is $7,200. It is illustrative of the urge to orgasm at every given opportunity for both men and women.


I assume that we all agree that massage with happy ending is the pinnacle of bliss. It feels nice to have the option. Whichever way you decide to get it, is entirely at your discretion. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of visiting one such parlour right now and experience the sensation first hand.

Erotic massages with a happy ending are the epitome of entertainment people!

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