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Erotica LA Day One

Ivan blogs:

First day of Erotica LA 2007, for the Anabolic crew was spent at the office working our asses off. Since it was Friday, the plan was to go do our thing and still make it to our Friday Movie Night. We had a lot scheduled for the night, which began for us at 7pm when we got on the 101 freeway heading for Downtown Los Angeles. The stops before the movie were, the convention, the dinner get together, then some Red Carpet stuff for a big Porn Hollywood Party. At the Convention I ran into an old friend from Junior High and High School, I saw him last year as well. We made our rounds, seeing a few people along the way. Then we headed for the exit because we still had a long night ahead, plus our MOVIE! As we walked out of the building up runs an amazingly cute girl and gives me a hug. Startled! I moved back then embraced an opportunity for the hug. She looked at me and asked if I remembered her. After my heart beat slowed down, I remembered alright. It was Tera Wray from Pleasure. I met her at the XRCO Awards and this girl besides being gorgeous is so nice and has the nose I would kill for. I mean she has the perfect nose. If I was into young hot nice girls, she would be a “wifey” material. Well damn, why not a wifey material, now. Okay Wifey #4, son.

On the way to bar for the ADT thing, we drove through skid row. Tony was shocked of what he saw. He couldn’t believe that people lived like that, in United States no less. For people who have never experienced Skid Row, it’s a stretch of blocks where homeless people live and run it like it’s their own town. There are huge boxes and small tents lining the sidewalks, filled with people. Sad but true. At the ADT dinner we met many of the regulars like Vinh, bono, skronker, JAG, Steph, Drew, Devinn, etc. Crazy thing though even dressed down Devinn is so freakin hot. We were in a rush to get to the Red Carpet party thing Moz our PR guy had set-up for us. But we managed a good 90 minutes of fun with the crew from ADT. The best part was seeing Tony T talking and bonding with people from the site. It’s good for people to get to know the guy for what he is. A cool motherfucker. Skronker set-up an interview with Tony for Saturday, which I can’t wait for! As we were leaving people started showing up from the Convention.

We got to the Red Carpet at around 11pm, thinking it was too late. But our boy Moz was there waiting for us. We got there and he threw us on the red carpet. Some Latin TV show approached us after a series of promo shots. As the interviewer walked up to me, I grabbed his microphone and it became the Anabolic show, I introduced my boys, the posse, the familia! We spent the next 10 minutes promoting ourselves, the company, the movies … it was actually exciting. I was then approached by a girl that I couldn’t take my eyes of. She was new to the business, one scene in and was talking about her radio show. Dang to me all I wanted to talk about was the new Wifey, Wifey #5. Her name was Ryder Skye.

We talked for a bit then her PR guy grabbed my bro and I, threw us back on the red carpet and the flashes started again. At this point I had to put my “locs” on to look a little cooler. But in reality I was covering my tired face. I really want to shoot her, I want to give her my credit card as well. But I think we will stick to just shooting her. We then were interviewed by Tony Batman and finally by some television show. The guy looked like a mixture of Naughty by Nature’s Treach, Kid from Kid ‘n’ Play, and the singer from Living Color. He loved our bond and interview so much that he wanted to hang with us on our Friday Movie nights. Damn, speaking of movie nights, it was midnight and we missed ours!

After a few more interview and photo sessions, we left. We spent 4 hours in three different locations with dozens of people AND spent $50 on parking. It was a fun night for the three Anabolic Musketeers and our music genius Jesse, we bonded even more and had a great time. Tomorrow is another day at the Convention, a full day of meeting and greeting and loads of interviews.

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