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Erotica Will Save the World!

The B(r)est Kind Of Charity!

Once again, the Japanese are showing us westerners they’re a step ahead when it comes to porno and good causes. With them facing so many setbacks (earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns etc.) one would think they’d be in a position to ACCEPT charity – not give it. Read on.

Help Japan Help You Grab Titties!

It appears 10 Japanese adult film actresses felt strongly enough about the issue of AIDS that they’re willing to bear their beautiful breasts and let gawkers have a squeeze for a small donation.

The 10 Adult Film Actresses Ready For Duty

This is actually a full blown festival, deemed the “Erotica Will Save The World” event. Fuck, I’m down with that! (Yes, even if it involves hairy Japanese bush…) The festival had vendors selling dvd’s and other sexual goods, and alongside the “breast fundraiser” was a doozy known as a MASTURBATION MARATHON!

You bet your ass I would

Back to the breast charity. They actually have a phrase for this – they call it “oppai momi ” which I think is pretty damn cool. The only thing that could improve this charity would be sucking on “momi’s” perky little nipples, but that would probably require a larger donation. Apparently you’re allowed 2 squeezes per hand, and if that doesn’t get you off, you’re allowed a second (or third or fourth) donation for another shot. The steps to this charity is as follows:

  • Line up to check ID’s (must be over 18)
  • Donate cash
  • Steralize hands
  • Squeeze away

The only thing we’ve done here in North America I can think of that can compare to this extravaganza, would be two porn stars giving out free BJ’s if the Miami Heat win the NBA championship. And even that had too many steps involved to even qualify for the BJ. And it wasn’t even for a good cause. Lame as fuck. Japanese FTW!!

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