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Escorting Busts At The Hard Rock????

I have stated many many times in the past that TRPWL is a pro sex work site. We are also a pro don’t be a dumbass site. When you do stupid shit, we will, without remorse, call you out for it..

As many of you know, TRPWL was snubbed, once again, for adult industry super blog of the year. And even though AVN snubbed me, the President of Porn, with the help of Security Rapist, reached out begging for me to attend.. It was like a scene from Rudolph, they snubbed me, but needed me there to make sure Marcus London (AKA The Elf) didn’t steal any cows from local dairy farms..

So, after a long night of eating cat shit nachos and banging porn chicks, I awoke with a sore penis and the urge to go workout.. I know what your thinking…banging porn chicks is a workout in itself.. It’s not. I make them do all the work..  Like a Quasar scene, I just lay there hoping the girl doesn’t turn out to be my stepsister or cousin..

So as I was saying…I’m walking to the gym, which by the way is like the farthest it could possibly be from the Paradise Tower, roughly 6.8 miles, and notice that the Paradise Tower is now roped off. The Hard Rock security is stationed there asking for Hotel keys for admittance..    Me, being a world class journalist with ties to the Gay Jew Mafia, I asked ‘Why..’  They told me that there were “fans” trying to get into girls rooms.. I covered that here.

On the way back, I stopped to talk to the same security guy. He proceeded to tell me that some UCs from LVPD arrested 2, maybe 3, girls for prostitution. ‘UCs’ is Miami Vice talk, it means Under Covers. I asked him if he knew who the girls were, even going as far as to pull up some pics of some lower end girls.. Why would I do that you ask? For one, I’m nosy, and B, What if one of my mortal enemy’s got popped, or what if it was Marcus London?! No way I’m gonna miss out on that! The security guard, who was no doubt a God fearing Christian, was NOT a fan of the naked low end girl pics..

I start asking around if anyone knows of the arrests, I asked maybe 4 girls, then out of the blue, I get this text at like 8:30 in the morning:

Odd timing to say the least..

Now, I’m not saying Trinity’s agency is the one the girls were booked through.. But you have to admit, the timing of that text is fucking suspicious.

If you wanna be a working girl this weekend, do your homework on the date.  Don’t let the idea of 400-500 bucks put you in a fucked up situation.. It’s obvious to me that whomever booked these girls didn’t do their due diligence.

You have to be really, really stupid to get arrested for hooking at a porn convention.. Truly, thats like a needle in a haystack..

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