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Ask her if she wants to be your Valentine. Of course, if you will ask her that she will say “yes” only for the right price. In theory, escorts agencies will give you ladies to walk with them at your arm at fancy charity receptions or at your partner’s birthday in Ibiza. She will interact with you in 3 languages, she will have an intelligent conversation with you and she will make you look like the love of her life. In practice, she will fuck your brains out in a room, at Five Seasons. I need to warn you! Prostitution is illegal in most of the european states and also in most of the countries that you will find on other continents. What you will do, is your own business, but you should be within the laws of your society.

Let’s continue this article with some interesting statistics / facts about escorts –

Did you knew that United Kingdom has become a hub of professional escort agencies in Europe? According to a survey, almost 10,6 millions men sought escorts service in United Kingdom. Also, 7 to 9 % of men paid for sex at least once. The age group of these men is 25-35. The average charge per hour in London, when it comes to stunning escorts, goes from £100 to £800. 85 % percentage of escorts in UK are from overseas. It seems that 96 % of these women entered into the job by choice. 90 % of them entered into this profession for money and 73 % entered this industry to be their own boss. The UK economy received £5.3 billions from this industry. If we are talking about client engagement, I need to tell you that around 50 % of the clients used the service for one hour. Around 30 % of the clients used the service for two hours and more, while 20 % used it for overnight. In conclusion, you are not the only sexual addicted person on this planet.

Did you knew that up to 42 % of sex workers are men? Open and read this link for further details about it.

A very comprehensive and interesting article about escorts, written by Jon Millward, can be seen here. To get your attention and to make you read it, let me quote the description made by the author of the above article, for it: “In the final weeks of 2011, I delved once more into the secretive world of the UK sex industry. This time my focus wasn’t on men who pay for sex, but the women who supply it. So I reached out to hundreds of British escorts with one request: tell me about your life. And—on the condition that their words remain anonymous — they did”.

In the end, let’s take a look at this infographic done by Jon Millward. It will come in handy, as an extension of the writing. It can also be found within the article.

Life of a Call Girl
Life of a Call Girl

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