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ESPN Body Issue

Body image has a special standard in the porn industry – there’s a niche for just about anything, and no matter what your body type, there’s someone out there eager to bust a nut over your unique qualities. What’s cool about porn is the act of sex can be shot so many different ways; but with increasing image quality available nowadays, that can be a good or bad thing… I mean, do you really want to see an amazingly lit, 4K video image of a wrinkly red-headed cougar getting pounded in the ass? Sometimes, the answer is yes!

On the other end of the spectrum, ESPN has been releasing a magazine called The Body Issue since 2009. It’s the highest anticipated sports mag every year, and it was created to compete with rival Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. They put out 1 edition a year, and the mag contains a bunch high quality photos displaying athletes on and off the field. Here’s the catch: most, if not all of them are naked as the day they were born! The lighting and editing techniques that go into these photos are profound, and display the human body unlike any porno could ever accomplish. Check em out!

Prince Fielder, MLB



Jamie Anderson, snowboarder



Venus Williams, tennis



Michael Phelps, olympic swimming



Serge Ibaka, NBA


Megan Rapinoe, footballer



Nigel Sylvester, BMX


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