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Eva Angelina, brave, beautiful, and better than ever

God, she is so pretty, isn’t she?


When Eva Angelina said she would come and sign at my booth for Exxxotica I was really happy about it. Not just because she is adorable and nice and popular, but because Eva had just told me a truth about herself and her marriage that was tough, hard to hear, hard to talk about, hard for her, and her baby, hard to live with, hard to admit, but she came clean and was honest and didn’t have to be. No one would have known. She’s just a for real type of girl. A class act, an honest person. I like to think I am the same. So I was honored for her to tell me what was up.


In one of my LukeIs Back columns, and also in the last issue of Xcitement, i wrote what Eva said- she had to break up with her husband Danny Mountain because he had too much to drink and had become abusive. And she would not live like that or raise their baby Silvi in any kind of bad circumstanses. The details are not my business, but  there was  a restraining order issued.

And it had to be a hard thing for Eva to come over to the Xcitement booth and sign an issue of the mag that was talking about her, in gossip style. The beautiful pics in the mag of her topped a gossip blurb about her marriage breaking up.  If that was you, would you be okay with autographing a gossip column about your up coming divorce? I wouldn’t. Course, Eva has a lot more class than i do.

Let me just say that personally, that Eva is a class act all the way. And it is really easy to see why she would be a top star. She is very easy to fall in love with. And of course I LOVE the idea that she is a girl who wears glasses…

it is a sad end to what could have been a really nice porn love story. BUT, I am so proud of Eva for doing the right thing. She isn’t just beautiful, she is smart and a great mom too.

Let me just say that Eva rocks. And she is very into some hard core scenes she will be doing. And if you want a preview, just check out




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