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Eva Angelina Does Hardcore and Wants More- REALLY good exclusive interview with her here…

The death of her fiancé, the break up of her marriage, and now living as a single mom; Eva Angelina has been through a lot in her young life and she has bounced back each time stronger than before. She recently became an owner of skinworXXX, (along with Teagan Presley and T’s boyfriend Josh) and is an exclusive contract star for the company. After a short time out to have a baby, Eva made her comeback movie Deviance. Deviance is hardcore, with interracial, DPs, and an orgy. Above all Eva has stayed a beautiful positive person. Now with her new role as Mommy and business woman she proves that some people can do it all. Eva is one of them. Oh and if Alli Weight Loss Supplements wants a spokesperson, I’ve got your girl…

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy Of skinworXXX by B. Skow
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: Okay, we are both on Twitter as are several of our mutual friends. A couple of them have told me to ask you about Alli. What is that?
Eva Angelina: Who told you that? Josh? Oh Lord. Alli is a dietary supplement that you can get anywhere, that is FDA approved. It helps your body pass the fat that you normally store. I feel that has been the main reason I was able to get back in shape after being pregnant. Josh is the one that turned me on to it, and I don’t know why he wants me to talk about it and make us look like retards (laughs), but the catch to Alli is that if you eat things that are really high in fat you get a discharge, like anal leakage.
X: (Laughs) Anal leakage? Oh no!
EA: Josh thinks it is so hilarious. We crack jokes all the time about it. We have gotten so many of our friends on it and they love it. I love it. It allows me to eat whatever I want and still lose weight. That’s the sanitized version of Alli.
X: If that’s that sanitized version, the dirty version must be really fun! What happens if you are out in public and you have some leakage?
EA: It took me about four days to have a surprise and that day I happened to be on the set of Sun Goddess. Luckily I was not having sex that day. There were several people on set that were taking Alli so they knew exactly what was going on, so it ended up being a big joke on set. But since that time it doesn’t really happen. I’ve only had two accidents and I’ve been on it since January.
X: Fun! I would think it would cause problems when you have to do anal.
EA: I had two anal scenes for Deviance, I made sure that I hadn’t taken Alli for a week before. And I felt bloated when I wasn’t taking them.


X: You’ve changed your suntan heart to a devil heart tattoo.
EA: It was originally a sticker that you put on when you went in the tanning bed. It became a little trademark. I have had it since day one. It kind of follows me around as my logos having hearts on them and websites. My current website,, my webmaster used my heart logo but he put devil horns on it, and I feel like it’s appropriate.  And it’s funny because my daughter’s name is tattooed on my wrist has hearts on it and halos above it.
X: So what made you decide to go from a sun tattoo to a real tattoo with horns.
EA: The main thing was that everyone already thought it was a tattoo or a brand. After explaining it so many times, that it wasn’t a tattoo and I would never brand myself I am too much of a pussy, I just got the tattoo. Another tattoo I got was on the back of my wrist that says “Take me as I am or not at all.” That is a quote that my ex-fiancé who passed away used to say to me on a regular basis. He didn’t want to change me. Didn’t want people to take advantage of me. It was important to him that I stay loved for who I am, not who I could be. Now with the divorce coming between my husband and I, and the way that whole thing ended, I know there will be someone out there that will love me the way I am and I will love them in return just the same way.
X: I think there are probably thousands of guys out there that would love you the way you are. You are pretty loveable.
EA: Thank you.


X: Well I know that you have now finished shooting Deviance, and you shot a scene with Mr. Marcus.
EA: I did a scene with Mr. Marcus, a scene with Lexi Belle and Tommy Gunn, a scene with Ben English and Marco Banderous, and than an all girl orgy. I was a busy girl for three days.
X: You shot all that in three days? I guess you needed a break after that.
EA: No. The more ya have it, the more you want it!
X: Well I guess I most want to hear about the scene with Mr. Marcus, because that has been kept under wraps so far. Give me dirty details.
EA: We shot the scene in East LA in a hospital. We were having sex on an old couch and we were doing it so hard that we broke the couch in half, literally down the middle and we had to put apple boxes underneath so we could finish the scene. And we were banging so hard that we almost took the wall out. The wall was shaking and it almost got ripped off the foundation. Everyone thought the couch breaking was hysterical, but I was so cock drunk by then, that it was just holding up my sex. It’s cock blocking me. It’s pissing me off.
X: Sounds like you really got into it.
EA: I have been going to do an anal scene with Mr. Marcus for the longest time. He was supposed to do my first anal scene years ago, but then I got offered to do it in Upload and I couldn’t pass it up because it was the role of a lifetime. So I did it with Evan Stone and Sandra Romain, and that ended up turning into a DP with a strap on. I was the lead in that movie so Mr. Marcus just had to wait a couple years. (Laughs)
X: So I guess you were really ready for him when this happened.
EA: Yes it was amazing. And the DP (with Ben English & Marco Banderous) I did was so good too. If I had it my way I would live in that DP everyday of my life. I would walk around with Ben in one hole and Marco in the other. I would be going to the bank right now with both of them attached. It was awesome. I was devastated when they said it was over. It ended a lifetime too soon. I cannot even tell you it was so good.


X: Well I have to say that it’s really nice how much you enjoy your work.
EA: I love my job. I got into porn because I was the queen of one-night stands. I just love having sex with strangers. And I always shot my own home videos. I was always into performing for the camera even if it was only for me. I saw an ad in the paper for shooting porn and that was it. I took it over any other job. I will spend the rest of my adult life shooting porn. I don’t know anything else.
X: You don’t want to know anything else.
EA: There is nothing else I need to know. As long as I know how to have an orgasm, I’m good. I will be shooting GILF movies. (Grandmothers I would Love to Fuck) So having me as a part owner in skinworXXX is so great. I have so much more say. I am working my way to making the movies that I would always want to make, and leaving an impression that will keep me in this industry for as long as possible.
X: And you get to pick who you want to have sex with.
EA: That is a fucking fantastic thing to be able to do. I love it.
X: I am so glad everything worked out well for you. Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?
EA: That was one of the things I loved doing before I got into porn, was having sex in public. I have had sex on a Ferris wheel at the county fair in LA, on a playground, outside the Virgin Megastore, in bathroom stalls, parking lots, tree houses, against a tree while walking my dog in my neighborhood, Knoxberry Farms.
X: Did you ever get arrested for any of this public sex?
EA: Oh no no. I probably would have blown my way out of it.


X: What is your favorite sex toy?
EA: The Hitachi Magic Wand, hands down. That was my savior during my pregnancy. My ex-husband wasn’t too fond with the idea of having sex with me when I was pregnant. I was one of those horny pregnant bitches. I turned to my Magic Wand. I used it every night in bed. I had to limit the times I would allow myself to masturbate because otherwise I would spend all day in bed masturbating over and over and over again. I got to the point where I bruised my pelvic bone and I even burnt my pussy one time.
X: Ouch!
EA: People thought I was walking funny because I was eight months pregnant, but that wasn’t why.


X: You are suck a horny little babe!
EA: I know, it’s great. It actually causes me problems because I want to hump things.  Now I am not shooting as much as I used to so I don’t get it from that. And I don’t hardly ever have sex off camera. I’ve had sex off camera once. So it’s become a problem because every time someone says something that is not meant to be sexual, I get really dirty thoughts in my head and some how with my involuntary Tourettes it comes out and it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes.

X: Sounds like fun to me! Tell me about your website and what people will find on there?
EA: I am still doing beta testing, fixing glitches and making it as great as possible. I will be doing webcam shows and my twitter feeds, my updates, a lot of fresh new content. I can only do so much for skinworXXX because of the guidelines that Adam & Eve has for distribution, and that leaves a lot of room for things I can do on my site, which I am so fired up about. I don’t have to hold anything back.
X: So your site is going to be REALLY dirty stuff.
EA: I originally wanted my first scene back in the business to be a gang bang if that tells you something. I am very excited to get back to shooting content. I’m ready to shoot like a motherfucker.

X: If you were shooting your dream scene for a big splash for, would it be a gang bang?
EA: It would be very illegal.
X: (laughs) Okay, if you were shooting a scene in Europe….
EA: If I was shooting a scene in Europe and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted I would probably shoot a scene where chloroform is involved, where I would be passed out and while I am I would have this whole thing videotaped. I would have guys and girls and both come into the room and do whatever they want to my body and once I am awake and conscience I would want to watch the movie and see what they did. That would be awesome. I would like to get fucked while watching it.
X: Who would you have in your dream scene?
EA: All of my friends, because they would know what I would want to see them do.  As long as I don’t have to work for the next couple weeks I would be great.
X: How come you want to be knocked out while it happens and than watch it, instead of just living it while it happens?
EA: I don’t want to be resistant. It would be like an out of body experi ence.
X: So you are a voyeur, even when it comes to watching yourself.
EA: Absolutely, that’s why I knew I wanted to get into this business.  I love watching my own little videos.

X: I have to ask you why you started wearing glasses.
EA: The glasses are because I like to see. I am blind. My Mom, Dad, sister and I all wear the same glasses. We are all blind. It got to the point to where if I went to the set with my contacts in they would send me home to get my glasses.  People used to think that if you wore glasses you were a nerd. Now nerds are sexy. I think what is sexy to guys is the thought that they get to ejaculate onto my glasses. I can’t even tell you how many people’s DNA has been on my glasses.
X: Well better on your glasses, than in your eyes.
EA: Yeah, they are my windshield. I just need windshield wipers now.

X: Do you have a message for your fans?
EA: I just want to tell all my fans out there- I love you guys so much, you guys are the reason why I am still around and I was so ready to fuck for you guys and give you exactly what you want. You guys are great! Check out my website and see how much I do. I could go on all day about how grateful I am to my fans. I love them.

NL- You can read it all and see all the naked pictures here Also I am taking Alli now thanks to Eva’s advice. So far no “leakage” lol

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