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Eva Angelina Exclusive Interview- “Being dick drunk is the best thing ever.”

Interview by Cindi Loftus

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After taking a two year break, one of the wildest girls in porn has returned! Eva Angelina is back, and although I didn’t think it was possible to top the “huge” things she did in her last movies, she has. Let’s just say she did sex acts I didn’t even know were humanly possible and gave new meaning to the word Double Penetration! So happy she is here and I got to talk to her. Read on for some real dirty conversation…

I haven’t talked to you in ForEVA! I’m so glad you are back.
I am too. What was I thinking? Life without porn?
What made you decide to come back?
The decision of divorce helped.
Sorry to hear that.
It’s okay. It was definitely my decision.
Well your next marriage, the third one will be the charm.
If there is a next one. Next time I will go to a sperm donor the next time I want a kid. He wants fucking spousal support. Go suck a fucking dick like I do motherfucker!
I thought he had a job in the military?
He was. He got kicked out.
Figures, but we are glad you are here, as usual jumping right in doing over the top freaky freak movies.
That’s what I do.
I was thinking, how will you ever top Deviance, you were so crazy in that movie. Then I read about Evolutionary 2, which I didn’t get to see yet. But you did double anal and double vag?
I did. That’s like my favorite thing now. Pushing my body to the limit. Okay first of all I gave birth so I know I can do double vag.
So who did you do the double vag with?
Well it was all in the same scene. So it was a DP scene originally and I knew I wanted to do double vag in it. The double anal was done on a whim. I said we can try it, but my asshole is really tight. So that was more challenging, but we did it! And it was way fucking awesome. It was with Mr. Pete, who I did my first scene ever with, and James Dean. Mr. Pete told me how since I have known him for almost nine years, that I was the only girl he had known for that long and didn’t owe child support too.
I thought that was an interesting fact. At least there is one person.
You had a good couple guys. James Deen is always doing crazy things too.
I did. I’ve known him since he was nineteen. I’ve known him for a long time. We had our Shane’s World days.
So you were doing a DP, you had planned a double vag and on a whim you did a double anal, and that’s all in one scene.
Yes. It was a productive day.
This movie is going to win a ton of awards. It is for Elegant Angel. What did you do in the rest of the movie?
I did a boy/girl anal with Ramon, and that is one of my best anal scenes ever. He’s a really strong guy and he just threw me around like you are a rag doll. I did a boy/girl/girl scene with Mick Blue and Lily Carter and there is a back story with that. I guess Lily had expressed to William H. (the director) that she used to masturbate to my scenes and was a huge fan of mine. So when he told me this when we were planning the movie, we knew we had to have her in this scene. And we made it a point not to tell her who it was until literally the day before we shot. So it was a crazy intense sexual scene. I felt like a miracle worker here. It was awesome. She was squirting everywhere. It was one of the best. And then I did a girl/girl anal with Skin Diamond. Which we thought was appropriate because of our hairstyles. (Laughs) (They both have part of their head shaved)
She’s gorgeous.
She is absolutely beautiful. Then I did a boy/girl/girl scene with Manuel and Gracie Glam. You know that will be awesome. Everything Manuel touches is gold. What else did I do? Fuck.
That’s not enough? (Laughs) Did you write, direct and film the movie too?
(Laughs) Well I did have a lot of input. It turned out really awesome. Even just seeing the trailer, it’s sick. You have to go watch the trailer. We spent time before the actual scenes doing these teases and the finished product, the way he edits and the music is so good.
It’s amazing that he can take a scene that starts with a tease and goes into a double anal and have it work.
Fuck yeah dude!
He starts off Vanilla and it turns into Rocky Road.
Exactly. Oh my god, what a great analogy. Only in this life could I get away with this shit.
You are perfect for your job. What are you going to do next?  Is there anything left undone? What crazy thing will you come up with next?
I’m talking to Mason from Elegant Angel and we are going to put me in a gang bang. I want to do more than I have ever done as far as guys goes. The most I’ve ever done was seven guys at once, and that was off camera.
(Laughs) Was that the baseball team or something?
Life before porn. It was a time in my life when I partied a lot, and it was a bunch of drug dealers. I was like, okay, single file line! I was in the mood.
?And now you don’t do any drugs and you don’t drink?
Are you there?
I’m back.
So I said, you don’t drink or do drugs at all any more and the phone went dead.
(Laughs) I don’t do drugs anymore. That was so in my teenage years. I drink occasionally. But I have a family now so I have to be semi-responsible.
I liked your statement that you said on twitter “I’m high on life and cock!”
That is so true dude.
That should be your motto.
Being dick drunk is the best thing ever. You have so many endorphins swimming through your body.
What did you do for two years when you were married and not doing porn and not having crazy sex with tons of people?
Wishing I was! Having wet dreams. I did some soul searching. I went to school for hair dressing, and that is my new found passion. I love getting my hands on hair. So my goal is to one day open up my own salon and be a high profile hairdresser.
You could be the hairstylist to the pornstars. Your hair looks great by the way. I’ve seen other girls that have shaved hair and often it doesn’t look good.
I really felt like it brought out my jawline. Before that I felt like I had a really round face. Grama would have a field day with my cheeks. This was a nice change. During hairdressing school I had red hair, platinum hair, yellow hair, every color. But when I came back to porn I dyed my hair black.
You got another tattoo on your arm too, right?
Yes, I got a half sleeve. It’s a skull with a scroll wrapped around it and it has orchids and black widows and it’s all tripped out and shit.
Yes. My daughter likes the spiders.
I saw that you’ve been doing a lot of live shows too.
That’s the new thing, everything’s live, the interaction because you can’t get that on a tubesite.
I get the vibe you are liking Alektra Blue a little bit too, huh?
Yes, I am at her house right now actually. She’s my girlfriend.
Hi Alektra! She’s a hottie too.
I love her. She’s amazing.
She is such a good dresser. I love the way she dresses.
I love the way she dresses too. She is such a rock star. She also has a great vagina.
I am glad to hear that! You two did a live show.
That’s where the magic happened. We already knew from our past scenes that we liked each other, and it was definitely time for us to fuck. And we reignited our love for each other on Wicked Live.
So you guys are now adopting lots of children and moving to Africa to save the world?
(Eva repeats what I said to Alektra and they both laugh)
Yes, oh lordy.
I’ve been talking to a lot of girls about anal, no one does anal like you do anal, but they are all mentioning gummy bears is the food to eat.

Cheese. I snack on string cheese. I can also eat right before my scene because I have a slow metabolism. (Laughs) I only poop once a week anyway.
You are a mom and it’s so hard for me to picture you at home watching Disney movies.
That’s all I do! Monday and Tuesdays I’m childless those days, they are with the ex-husbands. Those are the me days when I hang out with Alektra and have a good time. But normally Puss and Boots is on everyday of my life.
So are you still doing acting? Because you are a great actress too.
I haven’t been shooting many features. I did one for Wicked, Snatched, it’s Kaylani’s movie, Stormy directed it. I play a psycho girlfriend. Go figure. And I’m threatening Tommy Pistol with a bat because I think he is cheating on me. So that was a scary moment for him.
Where did you play the drill sergeant? Because I saw you decked out in military dress?
That was for Jules Jordan that was also with Lily Carter and Mr. Pete. Mr. Pete and I were Drill Sergeants making Lily do things like force cocks down throats.
That sounds kind of brutal.
Well I know she was enjoying it, I was too.
Did you do anal in that one?
Yes we both did.
Okay because if it’s called drill sergeant it just sounds like you should do anal. And you did a Twilight Zone Parody?
Yea that was for Brazzers. I did anal in that one with Kieran Lee. I’ve known him for a very long time. I met him when I met my first ex-husband. So I know him on a personal level. At first it was kind of weird but we do have a weird connection too. So it was like fucking my step-brother.
I thought it might be weird because he was friends with your first ex-husband (Danny Mountain) and there was tension there.

I did ask my first ex-husband for permission to fuck his best friend. That was a crazy call.
That was very nice of you. That was quite stand up of you to do that.
Well I didn’t want to step on toes and piss people off, ya know.
So you and Kieran get along?
And you and your first ex-husband get along?
Yeah, we are tight now.
That’s good, it makes things so much easier.
I say I can only hate one ex-husband at a time.
That’s my rule.
You are so smart. But I always tell you that. You are way beyond your years.
I feel like I am an old soul. Thank you.
A couple of your fans had questions they wanted me to ask you. How did you come up with wearing glasses for your scenes?
I’ve always been blind. I’ve known about it since the sixth grade. If I’m not wearing my glasses I’m wearing contacts.
How did you decide that wearing your glasses in your scenes was a good idea?
I didn’t. It just happened that if I showed up wearing my contacts, they wanted to shoot me with my glasses.
It would seem so much easier to deal with glasses, plus you don’t get cum in your eyes.
It’s not foolproof. They are great windshields, but it has happened. I just need windshield wipers now. I’m not wearing my glasses right now because my ex-husband (the second one) took my glasses.
That was another fan question, did you dump your husband to come back to porn?
I started shooting before I filed but that was definitely on my agenda before I started shooting.
Did he know that?
Yes I had been telling him for months to expect a divorce.
You are better off without him.
I am so much happier when I am single. Ultimately I feel like being in a relationship in this business is baggage.
It’s tough to be in a relationship with someone who is not in the business.
Exactly. No matter how understanding they may seem in the beginning..
It never lasts. They either have to get in the business or make you do only girl/girl.
That’s no fun.
Speaking of girl/girl. Are you and the amazing Teagan still friends?
Of course we are still friends. It’s just hard because she is so far away. But she’s not as far as when she lived in Georgia of course. Now she is in Vegas and busy with feature dancing around the world. When we have holidays, I’ll come by and bring the family out and we’ll get together.
I am glad to hear that because you two were so tight and they, her and Josh, are such good people.
I literally almost gave birth on the kitchen floor. Luckily they live two minutes from the hospital. They have always been part of the family. We will always be close, no matter how much time has gone by.
I noticed on your wish list that you are crazy for makeup and heels.
Well if you look they are all closed toe heels, because I wear heels in the salon.
So you wear five-inch heels to cut hair.
Fuck yeah! I do all the time. I wore those heels for ten hours a day when I was in school.
Ouch. The pain is worth it for beauty I guess. You got a new hot car too! I love it. It’s beautiful!
I did. Wait until you see the inside. All read and black leather. It’s sick and sexy. It’s a Mazda RX 8.
I bet you could have sex on that car and put it up on your website.
I am redesigning my website, That is going to be my webcam website. Everything will be on there. We are completely revamping that.  I also have And then there is my twitter, LifeOEva
So what do you have coming up? Probably a gang bang.
Yeah, and I am still shooting a lot of Brazzers. I might be doing something with Adam & Eve and David Lord, but I have no details yet.
I hope that Teagan is in that movie with you.
She probably will be. And then I’ll be at Exxxotica in May at the L.A. Direct Booth.
And this will be the interview that goes with the cover of you that is also at Exxxotica in May!
Do you have a message for your fans?
Keep on watching me fuck!

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