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Eva Angelina Quickie Q & A

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LA Direct News sits down with the talented and sexy award winning Adult Film Star Eva Angelina who is making a triumphant return in front of the camera. Eva tells us why she decided to return, and what are her exciting projects now. Eva shows us her hardcore side, and gives some sage and wise advice to those coming into the industry.

LA Direct News: When did you start in the industry? 
Eva: In July of 2003 My first scene was; “College invasion 2″ for Shane’s World. In the scene, I went on a date with two guys, I then choose a guy and I fucked him, it was an amazing experience, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

LA Direct News: Tell us about why you decided to come back?

Eva: I mean, who am I kidding, right? I know that this is what I know, and what I really enjoy it. I also like getting into roles that I’m playing, and being pampered on the set, getting into hair and make-up, I love it!

LA Direct News: Evalutionary 1 was a big success, and we heard you are doing a sequel to that? Tell us about that?
 Eva: The sequel is wrapped now, it’s an amp up version of the first movie. The scenes include; an anal scene, a dp scene, a g/g scene, a double vag scene, I can take it, and take it well. It was a really enjoyable experience for me.

LA Direct News: What are your new goals now in the adult industry?
 Eva: I want to receive the performer of the year award, I shoot a lot of good quality porn.
Now, a real dream of mine that I want is to be on “Dancing With The Stars”. As liberal as they seem to be on that television show, I think it’s a possibility. People ask me about starting my own production company, and to be honest, to start my own company wouldn’t be as gratifying right now. Besides, I really like being in front of the camera.

LA Direct News: How do you think this new “condom law” will affect us?
 Eva: I think people will start shooting in Vegas, or move productions more underground and under the radar.

LA Direct News: What kind of scenes do you like to do? 
Eva: I like doing hardcore scenes. I’m pushing my vag and ass to the limit.
I think I’m more comfortable with what i can do now, and I’m making my scenes more hardcore.

LA Direct News: Who are your favorite performers and directors to work with?

Eva: God that’s a list, a long list LOL. I don’t have a no list. I enjoy having sex with everybody. I love to give, I really do. As far as directors, I like shooting for Elegant Angels, and working with Joshua at SkinworXXX.

LA Direct News: What’s your most memorable scene that you’ve done that stands out in your mind?

 Eva: My most recent memorable scene was in “Evalutionary 2″. I remember my scene with Ramon, I was like; “holy shit my asshole is going to be hanging out the next day”.
Then, there was my b/g/g anal scene for my movie “Upload” from Sex Z Pictures.
I’ve done so many great scenes.

LA Direct News: What does Eva Angelina like to do in her “spare time”?
 Eva: I’m a family girl at heart. Spending time with my family is important. I like going to amusement parks, and doing outdoors stuff.

LA Direct News: As a veteran in the industry, what kind of advice would you give to the new girls coming into the industry?
 Eva: Girls, and guys, “Enjoy Sex”!. If you don’t enjoy sex, then get the fuck out, there’s no time for people that don’t really love what they are doing. Also remember this; “take advantage of the business, don’t let the business take advantage of you”.

LA Direct News: What is your website?

Eva: and
LA Direct News: Where can people follow you?
 Eva: twitter; @lifeofeva also Instagram under evaangelina

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