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Evan Says “Just dunk it in Bubblegum”

I watched “Street Customs” last night, which is the kind of show that would usually be way off my radar screen. But when I found out  my friends Tera Patrick & Evan Seinfeld were on it, I knew it would be good, and it was. Evan took his new Escalade in and had it customized. Flat black exterior, big screen TV & Captains chairs, and black and red velvet interior (like the inside of a coffin he said). It came out great!

But the second car was what I liked best. As always Evan showed his romantic side, when he took Tera’s plain white little smart car and told the car guys to “Just dunk it in Bubblegum” as a surprise for Tera’s Valentine’s present. Dark pink & black with custom everything, it looks amazing. You certainly will know it’s Tera coming down the road in that. Nice car!


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