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Evan Seinfeld on Huge Tattoo Show in Vegas

( VAN NUYS, CA ) – Evan Seinfeld has worn many hats during his years in the spotlight; rock star, porn star, film maker, entrepreneur. Through every phase of his life however, Evan has always worn his passion for body art quite literally on his sleeve. Next month Evan will join other celebrities, tattoo artists and thousands of fans at an expo unlike any other.

Though Las Vegas has hosted some of the biggest conventions the world has ever seen, none has been quite so colorful as Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth. The spectacular Mandalay Bay Convention Center will play host to a three day show, organized by Mario Barth of Starlight Tattoo that features the most influential artists in the industry as well as a huge list of A-list celebrities. All aspects of tattoo art, body piercing, body modifications and the newest trends in laser removal are covered during this comprehensive event.

“Tattoos are more than just a way to express yourself,” says Seinfeld. “They are an art form and a way of life. For people dedicated to this lifestyle they represent something much larger than themselves. Tattoos are something very personal to me. It’s a lifestyle that I appreciate and we try to reflect that in our Teravision products.”

Evan has been on the forefront of the tattoo scene in America since his early days with his band Biohazard. As one of the first heavily tattooed bands in the world, Evan and Biohazard helped blaze a trial followed by countless other bands.

Joining Evan at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth will be other celebrity body art aficionados Mark McGrath, Jack Osbourne, Steve Jones (The Sex Pistols) and many others. Tommy Lee will also being doing a special guest DJ performance.

Porn stars, rock stars, celebrities, fans and lovers of tattoos are invited to join Evan Seinfeld at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth Oct. 2nd – 4th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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Evan would cordially like to invite stars from the adult industry who are interested in the tattoo culture to be guests on the red carpet at this star studded gala. Anyone interested should make their submissions to [email protected]

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