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Evil Angel Not Releasing ‘Buttman Confidential’ On DVD Because John Blows A She-Male In It

John’s wife Tricia Devereaux posts to ADT: “It was pertinent to John at the time, and no longer is.”

What does that mean? What’s the back story?

Tricia wrote August 22, 2003 on ADT:

One of the things about the movie is that he greatly exaggerated many aspects of his personality, many of which are more Buttman’s personality than John Stagliano’s. Buttman has always been an exaggeration of a small aspect of what makes John himself. It’s definitely him, but it’s not the only side of him. After Buttman Confidential, John had people practically start pitying him because he looked so confused and torn in the movie. Releasing it on DVD would bring all that back again. John is very proud of the movie, but not everyone “got” it, and that was very sad. And finally, not everyone shares your feelings about Michelle Derriere.

Joe says: “Stagliano blows a she-male in that movie… Karen [Tricia D.] doesn’t want it out there. She doesn’t want the public to know that he used to be into shemale (still is?). Also Karen hates Michelle Derriere, the star of Confidential, since it was the girl John was dating when she met him.”

Tricia Deveraux emails Jul. 25:

You should tell Joe to man up and use his real name. You should also tell him to get his facts straight. He’s got a few details close enough on subjects that only he would have any knowledge whatsoever about. But his obvious hate for John over getting fired is just way too transparent.

Oh, and you can also tell him that I’m very sorry for him that he hasn’t gotten on with his life enough to not try to sabotage my relationship just because he’s not capable of having one.

…Actually, the stuff that was pertinent at the time but no longer is was his intense grief over his late girlfriend Krysti Lynn. Krysti died in a car accident a couple of years before John made this movie, and he still loved her very much. That is why much (probably too much) of the movie focuses on John’s personal feelings and how he was dealing with his grief.

John and I have never hidden the fact that at one point in his life, he experimented with she-males a few times.

I’ve also never hidden the fact that I find bi-sexual men extremely hot, so it was actually quite disappointing for me when I found out that John wasn’t actually into ‘men’ men, but had simply experimented with she-males for a little while in his life. I was fine with knowing that he had… I find feminine-looking she-males like the one in Buttman Confidential very attractive.

As for Michelle Derriere – I did dislike her for awhile. I was angry that someone who I found so deeply unattractive, John somehow found her attractive. Then a good friend reminded me that she’s just a Vegas hooker who John would never be interested in as a potential girlfriend, and I immediately stopped feeling threatened. John dating her before he dated me? Ummm… no. Hired her to get naked cause she has a HUGE ass?  Yes. The honor of dating John immediately before I did would go to a blond girl named Cynthia with amazing breasts who attended Nudes a Poppin’ 5 with John.


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