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EX- AVN Employee says good things about the company

Lascivious aka EX-AVN employee writes-


Wednesday, February 11, 2009
The Big Bad AVN… or something.
Current mood:  bored

Last week I had someone post my blog on their gossip site (LIB) and I got about 75 hits in one day… from one post! Awesome! Thank-you to the person who posted it, she had good intentions of finding me a job and I appreciate it…

Last week I also had, several people hit me up as to why my face was on a porn gossip site. LOL For one day I was a ROCKSTAR! (Go Me!) ….

It seems no one wants to hear anything good about AVN. No one wants to hear about how awesome of a boss Dan Miller is, how nice Pete Warren is, or how AWESOME Paul Fishbein is. I feel bad for Pete, he has a total hater on the blogs and he does not deserve the karma comments about him. He has done nothing wrong and does not deserve the shit talking and now he has to worry about doing my old job as well as his. Poor guy, give him a break!….

I have only heard bad things about Pete and Paul, and frankly, I think both are AMAZING people once you take the time to get to know them. Mostly everyone at AVN is great, and it is like working with your family. You have little tiffs here and there and there is some office gossip unlike anywhere else of who is doing what (or who). I was lucky enough to have two separate opportunities to work at AVN once during the reign of Mike Ramone and once under Dan Miller. I worked for two different departments, the first time was for Jesse Dena, second was for Dan. Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about them both. The only bad things I have had to say about someone who worked for AVN was to the same person who called me a stupid bimbo behind closed doors loud enough for other employees to hear, if the person ever reads it they will know who they are. Fuck them!

I feel as though because they are such a huge influence on the industry that a lot of shit talking goes on about the company and the people who are the faces of it.
The awards show is not fixed; I should know I just finished the whole process of the awards show.  The employees do not accept bribes for awards. Paul is not whatever people call him behind his back; he is actually a decent person with a big heart. Dan is an awesome boss! Dave Sullivan is a nice person once you get to know him. Nelson X is just plain awesome, and still owes me ice cream (jerk!) and I have said all I can about Pete. ….

So there you have it kids… straight from the mouth (or blog) of a former AVN employee. ….

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