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Ex-employee at LA Direct suing, $35 an hour not enough?

According to Former employee Darby Castellon is suing Derek Hay and Direct Models, Inc.

Castellon’s lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, alleges wrongful termination; violation of labor code 510, 512- failure to pay overtime; violation of labor code 226.7 (b)- failure to provide a second meal period;

failure to properly compensate- fraud; violation of labor code 203, 218.5 and 218.6 and unfair business practices in violation of Bus. And Prof. Code 17200.

According to the suit, Castillon was an employee of Hay’s and worked as a personal assistant until he was terminated September 4, 2008. Castillon was paid an hourly rate of $37.66 and worked six days a week.

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