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Ex-Mope Bobbi Dylan Redefines The Word “Successful”

Ol’ Kung Fu Dylan never ceases to amaze.

Bobbi claims to have retired after a SUCCESSFUL porn career.

Let’s examine the career of Bobbi Dylan.

Started in 2015, has 108 total credits over 4 years, an average of 21 scenes a year, or 1.8 scenes per month and 1 AVN Nom. Super successful.

Compare that to someone like, Katrina Jade, in the same amount of time, 415 credits and 30 AVN noms.

Not even close.

Not only did Bobbi rarely work, but she went thru 5 agencies in less than 4 years.

The last agency DROPPED HER (not the only one to do so), forcing her to call it quits. Bobbi is one of the few people to actually be ran out of porn, sure, there may be some guy with a blog spot out there who will shoot her, but if you look at the end of her “successful ” career, she was shooting bottom of the barrel shit.

My favorite part of her tweet is “requested daily” for shoots. Bobbi, who wasn’t requested more that once a month when she was active somehow wants everyone to think shes in high demand now….

One only has to look at her OnlyFans.

Bobbi’s OnlyFans is a huge hit. 26 fans total, and this after she had a Holiday sale.

If you have to tell everyone you’re successful, you’re probably not.

I used to know this guy who claimed at every turn he retired after a successful porn career…lol. 2 pees in a pod.


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