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Ex-Pornstar Tiffany Six (Stacie Halas) Will Not Be Able to Teach Again

This week, middle school teacher, Stacie Halas was embroiled in scandal and right-wing hullabaloo when her colleagues and students discovered about her porn star past. After appealing (unsuccessfully) to the Oxnard school board, Halas was denied the right to come back to teaching.

This is wrong. According to IAFD, Stacie hasn’t been active in the adult business since 2007. Judge her not on her past, but on her present credentials as a teacher. This move sends the wrong message that no matter what, one can never make amends for their past. But it’s all hypocrisy, because Halas never did anything illegal whereas soldiers can come home after doing god-knows-what in the middle-east and nothing is ever mentioned. There are worst professions like used car salesman, pawn shop brokers, and politics that, at least in my eyes, are morally worse than fucking on film.

Well, lo and behold, actually has Stacie Halas/Tiffany Six’s scenes and you can watch them right here.


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