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Exclusive Alexis Texas Interview-plus pics

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photos Courtesy of-Genesis Magazine (photos by B. Skow) & Elegant Angel & Cindi Loftus
©2008 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: You have such a pretty face and beautiful bone structure. Does your whole family look like you?
Alexis: You can tell we are related, yeah.
X: Do you look like your Mom or Dad?
A: I’m a mixture. The blonde hair, blue eyes is my Mom. My body type is more my Dad.
X: Do you have sisters that have butts like yours?
A: Yes, my older sister.
X: So big beautiful butts run in the family.
A: Yes. We are Puerto Rican.
X: You don’t look Puerto Rican. You look Norwegian.
A: I’m German, Puerto Rican & Norwegian.
X: So I guess the butt is the Puerto Rican part, huh?
A: Oh yeah, with me it is.
X: What did people think of you back in Texas when you were in high school?
A: I was a fun loving girl. I tried to make people laugh, crack jokes. I was never serious and uptight. I’ve always been a jokester. I’ve been really open. People were kind of shocked that I got into this business, because they never thought I would take the leap to do it, but they understood because I have been open and comfortable in my own skin. I used to be the girl that always flashed my tits to all my friends. I used to give guys a tutorial on how to take a girl’s bra off and things like that.
X: I bet a lot of guys who had that class from you brag about it now. Were you a cheerleader?
A: I played a lot of sports. Basketball, track team, volleyball. I pretty much played every sport. It was a small school. I’m from a town of twelve hundred people. I did cheerleading for one year at junior college. I played basketball there first and I was really loud. Louder than the cheerleaders. So the cheerleading coach asked me if I wanted to be on the squad. I did that for a little while. But it wasn’t my thing. I’m more of a sports girl.
X: I know you got into porn because you were bartending at college and you met people from Shane’s World.
A: It all happened really fast. And it’s gone by fast.
X: So you have been in the business for three years and a hundred movies or is it more than that now?
X: It over two hundred now. I’ve been a busy girl.
A: I talked to your boyfriend (Mr. Pete) the other night on Twitter. He said that he was the luckiest guy in the world to have you. What a sweet thing for him to say.
A: It is pretty sweet.
X: So I guess he really likes you.
A: That’s what he tells me. (laughs)
X: You are up for some awards tonight at XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization). You are up for Performer of the Year and what other one?
A: I’m up for my movie Alexis Texas is Buttwoman, as best gonzo movie. I did a lot of hard work in that movie. I really hope it wins.
X: I hope you win too. (It did win) And that was your first anal on camera, so was that exciting or scary or what?
A: It was a little bit of both. It was something that I thought I would never do. It was something that I had never done before, ever, until being with Mr. Pete. I felt comfortable enough with him to do it on camera. I really enjoyed myself. It’s something that I don’t like to do all the time. But when I really want it,  I like it a lot.
X: It seems like when you have sex on camera you really like what you are doing.
A: I try to be all natural from my body to my scenes. It’s fun. The reason I got into the industry was because I wanted to experience it.
X: What is your favorite sex scene that you have ever done so far?
A: The one that took the most time and effort would be in the Buttwoman movie. I got to pick who I wanted to work with. I picked a lot of people that I hadn’t worked with yet but wanted to.


X: First of all, how did you prepare for your anal scene? Do you not eat or you eat special things?
A: I ate dinner the night before, and the morning of I had a piece of toast and then I snacked on some cheezits because I am obsessed with white cheddar cheezits and I always eat them. It was pretty nerve racking because it was the first time anyone had seen it and I wanted it to be good. I wanted it to be portrayed the right way. And the first one, I feel like I internalized a lot of it. The second anal I did for Wet Asses 14, that one was a little more hardcore, a little more rough, than the first time. There is quite a difference between the two. The first one was special to me because it was the first and no one had ever seen it before. I think it came out really nice.
X: Who else was did you pick to be in the movie?
A: Jenna Haze. Gianna Michaels. Kristina Rose. We had really good chemistry, good hard-core scenes. It turned out really well.
X: Doing your first anal with Mr. Pete must have made it so much better.
A: He has a way with the ladies. He makes them feel, what’s the word, he’s smooth about it. He talks to you and warms you up and makes you feel good.
X: So tell me the best sex you have ever had, on or off camera.
A: Definitely would be with Mr. Pete just because we have such great chemistry and connection. Honestly it helps when you are in love with somebody. We connect physically, mentally and sexually and it means a lot more when you connect on all levels.
X: Did you christen every room of your new house yet?
A: Not every room yet. But there is still time for that.
X: Have you done the kitchen counter or the bathroom?
A: The bathroom, we did in it in the shower.
X: Cool, then you are still all clean when you are done! What is the weirdest thing a fan ever did for you?
A: It was kinda of sweet, but kinda of strange too. A fan came up to me at the AVN convention and gave me pictures of my hometown. And it’s so small, its’ not a place you would go for tourist attractions or anything. And he gave me this pill bottle with dirt in it and said I don’t want you to ever forget your roots. I’d never had somebody do that before so it was kind of interesting.
X: Very creative of him.  Do you collect anything?
A: I collect shot glasses from everywhere I go.
X: What is your favorite shot to drink?
A: I’m a Grey Goose kind of girl.
X: Do you like any of the flavors?
A: I use to drink Three Olive Grape Vodka, and I would drink it with sprite, and it almost tasted like Dimetapp. But it tastes good.

X: So you are feature dancing now?
A: Yeah. I did a couple shows in Baltimore. I had a really good turn out and it made me want to do more.
X: What are the most people you have ever done a scene with?
A: I’ve done two nine girl orgies in the last couple months.
X: Wow. For who?
A: One was for Belladonna. It was for a movie that is going to be called Cabin Fever. We went up to Big Bear for five days with all girls. The second one was for Bad News Bitches.
X: What do you think about when you masturbate.
A: Sometimes I can just watch TV and do it and not even think about anything. Sometimes in my special memory box I go back to Brianna Love, my first girl/girl experience ever in my life and she holds a special place in my heart. My first girl/girl (scene) ever was with Belladonna. She’s awesome. I love being around her.
X: I love Belladonna.
A: She’s very nurturing. She’s a giver.
X: So you are going to be at Exxxotica Miami. Who are you signing for?
A: I am signing for Genesis.
X: It’s a lot of fun. The Genesis booth is great. Lots of girls all in one place.
A: It is my first time at Exxxotica. I am really looking forward to it.
X: We will all see you there! Do you have a message for your fans?
A: Keep on watching!

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