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Exclusive chat-Ryder Skye on Showtime’s Dexter (pics)

Ryder Skye on the Dexter set. Her episode will be on this Sunday night!

HI Ryder,
I LOVE Dexter. I want to write about your appearance on the show for my site.

Can you tell me anything about this episode, like what you’ll be wearing, how long you will appear, where I should look for you during the show?

I want to make sure I (and my readers) don’t MISS you in the episode. Dexter happens to be one of my fav shows so I would be watching it anyway, so now I have two reasons to watch! 

Could you also tell me what other episode you were in and what you played? Maybe that will be a refresher for me.

Do you use the name Ryder Skye as your mainstream acting name? Do you have any pictures of you with the cast or on the set? How did you get on the show in the first place?
Can’t wait to see it!

Cindi Loftus

Hi Cindi,
I love Dexter as well and this season has been awesome!

Basically, I am playing one of the strippers at Dexter’s bachelor party.  Masuka plans a private party with a nautical theme on a boat for him.  There are about 8 strippers total (in fact pornstar Regan Reese was one of them as well) there to entertain the guests.  It is hard to say exactly what they will include as far as the scenes go (since sometimes alot gets cut out) but here is what they shot with me:
I welcome the guests and walk into the party with Quinn
I appear in a photograph with 3 other girls giving Dexter a lapdance (they didn’t film him getting one)
I give one of the guests a lapdance and they film a closeup of me ripping open my shirt
Jimmy Smits makes reference to me in the beginning of his toast to Dexter

Like I said… it is hard to say how much of this will make the cut so my fingers are crossed :).

The other episode I appeared in was the 2nd one called “Finding Freebo”.  I was one of the college girls at the frat party and Dexter catches me checking him out when he walks by.  I was supposably playing strip beer pong (that is why I was topless).  The group of us playing were supposed to be slaughtered as a Dexter daydream so they filmed us in a huge bloodbath but unfortunately they cut the slaughtered part out.  I was bummed that I didn’t get to see it on screen cause it looked awesome when we filmed it.

I am not Ryder Skye in my mainstream work because I am registered with SAG as Erica K. Evans (my mainstream acting name).

I got the part by auditioning for the director… being an ex-dancer just happen to be a plus for them.  


I attached a picture of me on set… I didn’t get a chance to take a pic with any of the cast because I kept forgetting my camera when I had the chance.  I would also like to add that the Dexter crew is amazing and the director Marcos Siega is a super sweetheart.  Very fun to work with!

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