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Exclusive Harry Reems Interview- part 1

Exclusive Interview with Harry Reems by Cindi Loftus © 2008 all rights reserved, may NOT be reprinted ANYWHERE without permission of author.


Cindi-I did an hour long interview with Harry Reems a few weeks ago. He doesn’t do interviews anymore (his last official work for the industry was in 2005 for Inside Deep Throat), but I had an in, one of my best friends, is a good friend of his. So I had a really nice conversation, with a really nice man, who happens to be one of the most recognized names in porn.  I am going to put up interesting parts of our talk over the next month or so.

Harry- I’m sober now for nineteen years. I got sober at 42. It took me about a year to answer all the warrants that were out for me, because I was a black out drinker, for months at a time. I wouldn’t know what I did for three, four months.

Cindi- So what movies do you not remember making at all?

Harry-(Laughs) Nobody was hiring me because I couldn’t get it up. I couldn’t walk. They’d have to put me in a chair and have me point to somebody to have sex and then they would make the movie “starring Harry Reems”.

Cindi- Because your name on the movie was worth a lot.

Harry- I was one of the very, very few that made their name an industry, if you will.

Cindi- Where did you get the name Harry Reems?

Harry-I would tell porn producers they could use any name they wanted for me except my real name. So that’s what they did, they made up names. The first time I saw the name Harry Reams was on Deep Throat. I thought it was a little off-color. I changed the spelling (from REAMS to REEMS). I don’t hide my past.

Cindi-You are very brave and blatant. You say I am Harry Reems. I have a past in porno. I’ve had addiction problems and if you don’t like it, too bad.

Harry- Well I don’t say it quite like that Cindi. (Laughs)  I do inform people right up front about my past, so that if there is a problem or if they are conservative or they just don’t want to work with someone like me, we’ll get it over with in the first hour, as opposed to 5 days later.

More to come….

Due to Mr Reem’s wishes, nothing from this interview may appear anywhere besides LIB without permission of the author.


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