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Exclusive interview-Buy A Sex Toy-Save A Child


NL- I liked the Buy A SexToy-Save A Child Story, (article below this one)  but it left me with  a lot of unanswered questions. Who are these people? Are there really children benefiting? Or is it a smart publicity ploy? So I asked, and they answered…


Who are the founders of Sinless Touch? How has their childhood effected their decision to help other children?
The founders have preferred to stay behind the scenes of the business because they have involvement in other large business ventures that may not be accepting of
Both of them were born and grew up in 3rd world countries.  They experienced first hand the tremendous opportunities and empowerment achieved through early and continued childhood education.  They were both fortunate to have parents who understood the invaluable ability of education to empower their family to control their own destiny and escape poverty, rather being reliant on an unbreakable cycle of aid and handouts.
Are there adopted children in the Sinless Touch Family?
Yes, 3 so far with more planned as the business grows.

Here is a list of who they are:

How does Sinless Touch help children? Do you donate money to a charitable org? Which one? Sponser some children in other countries?
The focus is on providing monetary aid for direct education and schooling for children who do not have the ability or opportunity for it.  There are currently 3 children in our Sinless Touch family.  One is from Argentina, one from Gambia and one from India.
Do you spend a portion of your net (or gross) on this charity?
3% of Gross Revenue
How much do you donate to help children?
Unfortunately we cannot divulge this because competitors could work back our Gross Revenues based on the % we donate, indicated above.
Tell me how my purchase of a sex toy directly helps a child.
There are two ways:
1.     We automatically spend 3% of our current revenues from every sale.  So, every time you buy a sex toy you would be making a small impact on raising the economic standards of impoverished nations by empowering their children with knowledge and education.  Over time, these children then turn into productive citizens with the ability to shape their own destiny and break away from the vicious cycle of poverty.
2.     During your checkout process you also have the ability to add your own additional contribution (beyond what we already contribute).  You do this by selecting the Roundup checkbox.  So, if your order is for $48.60, clicking the roundup makes your order total $49 and the additional $0.40 is added to our charity fund.
Who is threatening to sue you and on what grounds?
Based on the advice of our attorney we are not able to answer this right now.
How does the Adopt a Child program work? Is there a website?
Please visit our site, then click on Adopt a Child in the lower right hand of the screen.  Or you can go directly there:

How many children have been helped or adopted through this program?
3 so far with more planned as the business grows.

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