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Exclusive Interview- Holly Randall- She will CONSIDER doing full nudity (pics show some skin…)

Holly’s Brand Spankin’ New Site

Are there topless pictures of YOU on the site?
Nope– I originally shot all of the sets on me topless but afterward I decided I didn’t want to post the topless ones. I just wasn’t comfortable with it, so I didn’t do it. I know that once you cross that line, there’s no going back. That doesn’t mean I won’t go topless in the future, but I’m just not going to do it now.

Are there naked pictures of YOU on the site?
Implied nudity– the most you get to see is my butt.

If not, will there be?
Never say never!

What are you willing to do for your members?
I have a couple of foot fetish fans that I promised I’d do feet shots for– and when I say a couple I do mean like 2, LOL. But if they’ll be lifetime members for a few shots of my feet every couple of months I can  swing that. I will do another shoot eventually once I get back in shape, but no explicit nudity. Sorry!

What will you consider doing, and what will never happen?
I will consider doing full nudity (and I said CONSIDER) but never explicit nudity, and never hardcore. And let me be clear that it’s not because I feel “above” it or anything like that, it’s just that I’m not really much of an exhibitionist. That’s the difference between me and the girls I shoot.

Tell us about the TV show you will be hosting. Is there a possibility you could get wild and sexy on the show? Perhaps some making out, some nakedness?

Well it’s not a “TV show” technically, it’s a live internet show that will be streamed on There will be nakedness and making out, but not from me. I’m not bisexual in any way, and I don’t EVER get intimate with male talent. It’s just a policy of mine. I’ll interview the girls a bit, and then perhaps do a little photo shoot that
members can watch and chime in on. For example, they can make suggestions
and tell me what poses they want. This is all new to me, so we’ll just try it and see where it goes… I’ll figure out a formula that works eventually, but it may take a few shows to get to a concept that really works. But I definitely think it will be fun in the process!

As flattered as I am by people wanting to see me naked and my chipmunk face covered in cum (yes I read the comments and I actually find them very funny and some of them quite true), I know it’s only because I won’t do it. Once I take my clothes off, nobody will care anymore. Plus how can I compete with all the hot chicks on my site who DO take their clothes off? Trust me, they look much better naked than I do!

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