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Exclusive Interview-Jordan Lane- Pt 2- Wood Problems, Nothing Gay & Intellectual Intercourse with Gia Jordan

Jordan Lane, ex-cop, current muscle bound porn stud, is extremely handsome and doesn’t even know it. It’s a pleasure to talk to a big guy without a big ego.  He even has a big brain to go along with the big package. I asked him some tough questions, and he honestly answered, even when it came to lack of wood!  Jordan has my vote as 2009’s Hottest New Up & Cumming Male Porn Dude.

Tell me about a time when you had wood problems. 

I was fortunate to be friends with Marcus London (note: Marcus is easily one of the greatest guys on the planet, he has been my guide and mentor and I owe every last scene to this guy) and he had arranged a wife switch for Pink Visual.  I had received a series of frantic phone calls and texts from my then girlfriend stating that she had a bad test but was convinced that it was a false positive.  I was performing on a new test (for that particular scene)and was 99% sure that it was indeed a false positive. We had already shot stills when I checked my phone and texts and saw the aforementioned messages.  I had a moral objection to putting the girls health at risk even on a marginal (my highly imaginative and theoretical 1%) chance that I would now be wielding not a cock but a weapon.  I had no idea how to articulate this to the girl and producer in a cogent manner as I was a bit shaken so I sat on the couch aimlessly jerking a flaccid and unimpressive member.  I had let my company down (who thankfully rebooked me), the girl down and was devastated to have let my friend down.



How many scenes have you done now?

If we’re counting blowbangs, bj’s. load dumps (I do these for my friend Oji’s “Fucked up Facials” and “Cumshot Surprise”) then I’m well over a hundred.  I consistently work for four companies who, fortunately for me and my bank account, have me working almost every day.  I am in a feature that is truly art imitating life this weekend where I play a character bent on self mutiny through steroid injections and random sex acts with women that I must coerce with cash (as I have no endearing qualities like good looks or charm). The only subtle difference is that I am using my cash in the film to lure women that would normally never have sex with me (again I have nominal endearing qualities) instead of a production companies money to lure  women that would never have sex with me.


Have you done any scenes you wish you didn’t do? 

No way. Porn has been a steep learning curve but I made it a point early on take everything that was thrown at me.  Any time you are on set it is incumbent upon you as a performer to shamelessly network.  My early scenes were absolute garbage. I didn’t know how to perform so I studied endlessly and ad nauseam to find ways to discern myself from the other 50 or 80 guys working.  I run 5 to 6 miles 5 times a week to fulfill the energy requirements needed, I research the director,company, scene and girl beforehand, ask for constructive criticism thereafter and all of my jobs come from director referrals.


How can people get in touch with you, whether they are fans, or someone that wants to hire you? 

I’m still a marginal figure but have recently doubled my fan base in the past few months from one gay school teacher in New Hampshire to an ex girlfriend from Junior High school and a gay school teacher in New Hampshire (thus making it 2).  I always realize that humanity is infinitely diverse and have many gay and lesbian friends and hate when guys try to overcompensate for their own insecurities by saying negative things about the gay and lesbian community. As I previously said, I am an absolute nobody but hey, if you want to add me on your Myspace it’s: and my e mail is the very trite [email protected] (note the well worn and over used xxx, JordanLane was already taken).  As I am under contract with LA Direct Models I can easily be booked through LA Direct.  I love being a part LA Direct as it lends credibility and validation.  If the adult industry were a bastardized version of the Catholic Church, Derek Hay wouldn’t be Pope but God himself. Here is my Myspace page- 


Who are your favorite people to work with? 

I have always heard great things about Rick Davis and knew that he was an AVN award winning director.  This guy has un-freakin’-believable interpersonal skills and aptly communicates precisely what he needs in a comforting manner that seems to draw the most out of his performers.  I recently did a squirting series for him for Cherry Boxx and almost failed my second scene. The premise is actually having the girls squirt which necessitates a particular skill set (me actually being able to make a squirter squirt).  Rick doesn’t fake those scenes and I failed to make her squirt in 3 positions.  Thankfully she squirted 5 times in cowgirl, tough scene but I think Rick was happy.
Mario Cassini and Jeff Coldwater are my two other favorite guys to work for. Paul Thomas and Veronica Heart are iconic figures and intimidated the hell out of me.
Carmella Bing and Claire Daimes are amazing. Cayden Moore’s scenes have such an organic look to them and cums effortlessly so all three girls make any ordinary guy look extraordinary. Ironically I am booked tomorrow for a b/g/g with Claire and Cayden. Good times as Christian would say.

What sex acts won’t you do on camera?
 My three limitations are 1. nothing gay 2. nothing gay and 3. abso-friggin’-lutely nothing gay

What is your dream girl to do a scene with? 

My dream is to have intellectual intercourse with Gia Jordan (she would be on top).  Sometimes my Y Chromosome overpowers my frontal lobe as it did in an interview with Gene Ross.  I had mentioned a girl then actually met her and felt like a creepy fanboy so I’ll never tell.

What main stream stuff have you done?

Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know so I was hilariously cast as an anal expert (which I’m not) for an HBO series currently in production.  On this set I met a director that needed a “tough guy” for a Fall Out Boy music video (“I Don’t Care”) and I was subsequently casts as the guy who beats up bass player Pete Wentz.  I am also in a Warner Brothers direct to DVD movie (a silent testimonial to my bad acting skills) tentatively titled “Greedy” that has me playing one of Peter Greene’s (of Pulp Fiction fame) henchman with lots of overtly cheesy dialogue.  I’ve been on “The Unit” twice, Saving Grace (playing the “hunky guy”) and Nip/Tuck playing a bodybuilder of all things.


Are there any rumors out there floating around about you that you would like to clear up?

I’m pretty much a new guy and a complete nobody and new guys and nobodies don’t merit gossip and rumors.    


I bet I can come up with some about you, lol…


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