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Exclusive Interview-Meggan Mallone needs a guy in her bed!

She’s afraid of the dark, and needs a man in her bed. I’m sure after this article comes out she will have a lot of volunteers! She’s a Vivid contract girl, and unlike most of the others; she’s brunette and small naturally busted. She masturbates while thinking of girls she hates, and likes Taco Bell. She forgives and forgets easily and is great friends with many girls who she has shared boyfriends with. She also has a funny sarcastic sense of humor. She’s one of a kind. She’s Meggan Mallone.

Interview from, naked pictures there

Xcitement: Where are you right now?
Meggan: I’m on set with my best friend. She is doing a live broad-cam show for Naughty America.
X: Who is your best friend?
M: Her name is Kiarra Diane. We drove to San Diego this morning so she could do it. There was a little bit of traffic but we smoked a bowl before we went.
X: So you made things much more mellow.
M: Yeah.
X: So you have a day off and you went to hang out on a friend’s set.
M: Yeah I just decided to. I got back from Miami a few days ago, because I was signing at Exxxotica. I was at the Vivid booth everyday. I was signing with Nikki Jayne.
X: I didn’t even get to see you. I went to the Vivid booth and talked to Savanna (Samson) and Hanna (Hilton). This is the first time I saw Savanna with brown hair.
M: Oh my God, she looks so different.
X: She does. My friend said, there is Savanna, and I was like, where? And he said, right there! I didn’t even know it was her. But she really looks good. So did you get to do anything in Miami except sign at the convention.
M: I got to go to the beach. I got to go to South Beach. Hanna and I did  a lot of shopping.
X: Does she talk more, ever?
M: You know what she told me the other day? Fans were coming up to her and she wasn’t saying anything, and I said Hanna, what’s wrong? She said “Meggan, if you’re not in my bubble I won’t talk to you. And they’re not in my bubble.”
X: (laughs) Well that explains it. Because when I interviewed her on the phone she was really nice, and when I just met her at the convention, she was nice too, but she was stand offish, like I’m here, but that’s it.
M: That’s just the way she is. I guess she might have felt like you weren’t in her bubble that day.
X: I guess not. I wasn’t lucky enough. Oh well. You are one of the lucky ones that get to be in her bubble.
M: I love her. I got to know her. At first we were supposed to hate each other, but now we are best friends.
X: Why were you supposed to hate each other?
M: Well because her ex-boyfriend and I talked, and had hooked up like maybe one time, and she found out about it, and then Vivid signed her right after they signed me, and we were supposed to do a movie together.
X: Oh that’s not good.
M: You know the Deeper Throat crew from that reality show, they had them there the first day that we met each other. And we ended up being good friends. I am not a girl who holds a grudge or anything like that. I don’t like all the drama in the industry.
X: Oh come on, the drama is fun!
M: (Laughs) Yeah, I know, you are actually right about that.
X: It’s like one big soap opera. If you don’t take it too seriously. It is kind of fun.
M: Yeah I know.

X: Are we talking about the boyfriend as in “Jack Venice”?
M: We are.
X: I swear that guy got more pussy than anybody on the planet.
M: You know what, I know him from Houston. I knew him before Hanna and him ever got together because we were friends in Houston, Jack and I. I met him through a friend and I never expected anything to happen like it ended up like now.
X: (Jack Venice’s real name is Christopher Jack Reed and in October 08, he was convicted of rape and is in prison) Yeah, what a mess. He was with Alexis Texas too.
M: I know, and I am friends with her too. I think she is one of the sweetest girls ever. Have you ever talked to her?
X: Yes, she is on the current cover that was at the convention.
M: Am I going to be on the next cover?
X: Yes.
M: Wheeeee! Okay, sorry. I saw Hanna’s cover come out, and then I saw Nikki’s cover come out, and I’m like that’s two Vivid Blonde girls. What the heck. And when Jackie (Vivid’s Publicist) called me yesterday and told me we were doing this interview, I was like, it’s about time! Finally.
X: I was saving the cutest for last.
M: Ah. Thank you!

X: So how come most porn stars come from California, Florida or Houston, not even Texas; Houston.
M: I don’t know. I think its’ something in the water.
X: Or in the air. Do they put some kind of horndog chemical in the water in Houston?
M: I don’t know. Maybe there is a breeding farm somewhere there. One of my other good friends Brynn is from Texas. I know Jesse Jane is. Janna Jordan is.
X: Where are the porn stars from Iowa or Montana? I guess if a guy wants to meet horny gorgeous woman I would advise him to move to Houston.
M: Exactly.

X: So you were a cheerleader in high school in Houston.
M: The first year I was nerdy I did my homework and was in bed early every night. And then…
X: The water kicked in.
M: Yeah, then the water kicked in, and then I let go a little bit and realized I was a pretty outgoing person and when I joined cheerleading I met a group of friends that are still my friends now. I wasn’t the popular girl in high school, but I was friends with everyone.
X: So you weren’t one of the snobby girls.
M: No not at all. If I saw some loser fall down in the hallway I’d be the first person to go help ‘em back up.
X: So you are a nice girl.
M: Yeah. Looks can be deceiving, because in all my pictures, I’ve gotten messages before they’re like you look like such a bitch, like you’re mean and you’re mad in all your pictures. I’m not at all.

X: I am looking at the opening page. In the heading with all the girls on it, you’re not smiling. It’s kind of a sexy look but someone could take that as I’m too good for you look.
M: It’s kind of a smug, like, whatever look, but I’m not mad about anything. It’s just the way I look I guess.
X: I guess you have to smile more often in your pictures so people know how nice you are. You actually look really young when you are smiling.
M: I actually got carded at a rated R movie a couple weeks ago. That was pretty embarrassing.
X: That’s funny, you should have told them look, I am a porn star.
M: I showed them my tattoo. I think it was Slum Dog Millionaire.
X: Oh my God, so you have a hard time getting in Slum Dog and you just got done filming “Suck It”.  How did you get your Vivid contract?
M: I had already done a couple boy/girl scenes, a photographer shot me and sent the pictures to Vivid, a couple days later I had a meeting with Steve Hirsch and here I am.
X: What is the best thing about being a Vivid girl?
M: There are so many things, but the whole Vivid crew is like a family. I trust them. Plus you have a lot of say in what you do, unlike some of the other companies, like in who you want to work with. It’s really flexible. It’s cool. Nikki, Hanna and I are best friends in real life.

X: Hanna seems sweet, and Nikki is a trip, oh my God. She had so many stories to tell me about crazy things she did like jumping out of windows and sugar daddies.
M: Nikki is nuts.
X: I think she would be a lot of fun to hang around with.
M: She is actually.
X: And tell me about your movie that just came out Suck it.
M: I got to do a scene with one of my favorite guys.
X: Trent? James Deen?
M: No. Alex Gonz. He’s actually in Blame it on Savanna, Flashback and Suck It, which are the three newest movies from Vivid right now. I have a scene with him in each of those movies.
X: So he must be good at something.
M: He’s really good at what he does. (giggles) I have to admit. He is a rascal. He always misbehaves.

X: So how is it to date people in the porn industry?
M: Uhm. It’s kind of hard. You can’t even do it unless you weed out the guys you know are worth really trying.
X: It’s got to be tough to keep a relationship going, when you see people that you used to date because porn is such a small world. I know you dated Trent for a while.
M: I’m on set with his new girlfriend right now. She’s sitting right next to me.
X: You have to be so open-minded to be okay with that.
M: You have to be open-minded about the whole industry.
X: Because in real life, can you imagine? It would be like a neighborhood where all the husbands and wives who lived in the houses all switched around and were still friends.
M: Right. All the girls that I have been friends with in the industry are pretty cool. Although there have been a few…
X: Such as?
M: There are some that you just can’t fucking tolerate.
X: And I’m sure you want to name those names, right?
M: I could name them all right now, but I’ve got people around me, and I don’t think that would be appropriate.
X: Especially if some of them there are ones you don’t like.
M: No, none of them are in the room right now.
X: Oh well I tried. (laughs) Do you watch your own movies?
M: I do, but behind my own fingers. I don’t think any girl can say she doesn’t look at her own scenes behind her own hands.
X: What do you think when you are watching yourself?
M: Oh my God, did I actually do that? (Laughs)

X: I know that in “Suck it” you did a blowbang with three cocks at the same time.
M: Yeah. I did. One of the guys in that scene was being very greedy. Yeah when I wasn’t giving him any attention he would stick it in my ear and I was like, uhm are you for real?
X: Well it’s an orifice I guess. We could start a whole new fetish, ear-fucking. So do you think you are good in your movies?
M: Yeah. I mean at first I didn’t, but when you are new you study all your flaws in all your movies and hold it against yourself. But then you realize that no one is perfect and you do your scenes the way you are going to do them, you kind of have to accept that, you know what I mean? Everybody has their own way of doing it.
X: Do you like the acting part of the movies?
M: Yes, I do a lot. I have to say I am not the best actress. But it is fun and I can do it.

X: Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
M: In a church parking lot. I felt really bad afterwards. I cried.
X: Why? God made sex. In the back of a car?
M: Yeah. A blazer. They all drive trucks in Texas.
X: If you could script your own scene what would it be?
M: Probably a really stormy night with rough sex.
X: And would Alex Gonz be your partner?
M: Yes definitely.
X: Any girls in there too?
M: Kiarra.
X: Would you be inside looking out at the storm? Or outside?
M: Outside in the storm.
X: Oh, cool.
M: And muddy.
X: Oh, you’re a dirty girl in more ways than one! So what is your best ever on camera scene?
M: Either one I did with Alex on a rock. It was really hard because there were bugs in places you would never want them. The other one would be with James Deen. I know he is kind of nerdy and everything, but once he starts to perform he makes up for it. I kind of had to ease up to him but he is a really cool guy. And his girlfriend is really sweet too.
X: Yeah, I like Joanna (Angel). I saw her at the convention.

M: I did a panel with her on stage where we answered a bunch of questions from people.
X: Did the fans ask you anything interesting?
M: Somebody asked me what semen tasted like. I didn’t really answer that.
X: Was it a guy or a girl?
M: It was a guy in the crowd.
X: I was going to say, if he really wanted to know he could taste his own and check it out. How do you answer a question like that?
M: I said that it’s not good and it’s not bad, but I wouldn’t put it on my cornflakes every morning.
X: (laughs) That’s a really good answer.
M: Everyone just looked at me.

X: Where is your best off camera sex?
M: In the bedroom.
X: Yeah, no bugs and no rocks.
M: And you don’t even have to try to suck in. You can have your hair in a knot.
X: What is the funniest thing that ever happened on set?
M: Well just recent ly I was driving a dingy, and they didn’t really give me good instructions on how to drive it and I drove it into a houseboat.
X: Good job!
M: And they got it on camera.
X: So it will for sure be in the behind the scenes. A wooden boat?
M: It’s like a blow up boat with a motor.
X: Well at least you didn’t hurt the boat you ran into than.
M: No, it sounded like I did through.

X: What is something quirky about you that people don’t know?
M: I sleep with a nightlight.
X: Are you scared of the dark?
M: Yes.
X: You need a guy in your bed.
M: I’m doing a casting call for one next week.

X: What do you always get asked by interviewers?
M: What is my favorite position and how I got into porn.
X: What do you never get asked?
M: What is my favorite color.
X: Meggan,what is your favorite color?
M: Purple.
X: Me too. Favorite junk food?
M: Reese’s pieces and olives. Cheetos and ice cream. Salty and sweet.
X: Fast food?
M: Taco Bell.
X: What do you think about when you masturbate?
M: You know it’s really weird, but I think about girls that I really hate. People that I’m enemies with. It’s some weird kind of turn on.
X: Do you think about tying them up and whipping them?
M: No, no, no. Just think of them.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
M: Watch out because I am trying to take over!

Interview By Cindi Loftus [email protected]
Photos courtesy of
©2009 Xcitement Magazine

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