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Exclusive Interview With Black & Beautiful Ana Foxxx + Pics!


 by Jon

Photos from Smash Pictures


1. Can you tell us a little about your background?  I was born and raised in California.Growing up I was really shy, but sexual.  Although I didn’t lose my 
virginity until I was 17, I was masturbating much much earlier. I was really curious about everything.

2 How did you get into runway modeling and what were some of the best moments?  

I actually stumbled upon modeling. I was discovered  at a grocery store and ended up going with it. The best moment in modeling for me was leaving it and taking what I learned from it to stay ahead of the curve in the adult industry.  Directors always comment how I am a natural in front of the camera. Modeling help me with that and taught me a lot about myself, but I wanted to take my career further. I’m grateful for the experience, but I’m happy where I’m am.

3 Why did you decide to go into porn? How did your family take it? 

It wasn’t much of a decision to shoot porn because my lifestyle is already similar. So in a way, I’m just doing what I already do, I’m just a little more famous now. My family doesn’t see me shooting porn as bad news. Actually, they agree, I have a pretty cool job.

4 How did you choose the stage name Ana Foxxx? 

I decided to choose a naughty and a nice name, Ana is a really sweet name that I think best describes my appearance. Foxxx is a little naughty and I think it says a lot about my personality.

5 What can you remember about your first scene?

 I remember my first scene like it was yesterday.  I learned a lot about making sexy faces. But most of all I remember how fun and carefree it was.

6 Can you tell us about your scene with Rico Strong in Smash Pictures The Bartender? I believe it’s based on a real life experience…….

Rico and I had so much fun! I was turned on by the idea of taking flirting to the next level, I tried to get with a real bartender that night. I found out you can’t actually suck a bartender of while he’s on duty, but off the clock is other story. He was nice and for the effort, he gave me and my ladies whipped cream to suck off each other instead.

7 So far it’s every position except anal. Have you decided when you’ll do this and which performer would you like to take your anal cherry?
I don’t have a set date, but I do plan on doing anal sooner than later. I wanna give a performance  to remember. I don’t have anyone in particular that I want to take my cherry I like to be surprised.

8 You did your first girl girl scene with Laylani Star in Lesbian Sistas. Which do you prefer most in real life girls or boys and why? 

It’s  a little hard to choose between the two, but I prefer boys over girls. I’m taller and stronger than average girls so I like to feel dominated in my personal sex life. Something about hard aggressive sex
 gets me crazy hot!

9 Can you tell us about you scene with Nyomi Banxxx in Smash Pictures Finger Lickin Girlfriends 2. What was it like working with her? 

Working with Nyomi was a actual dream of mine! I had been a fan of hers for a while before meeting her. The whole time I was on set with her I couldn’t wait to touch her! She’s absolutely stunning  and the sex with her was even better!

10 You like being choked from behind. Are there other fetishes you’d like to try on camera? How extreme would you be prepared to go? 

I want to explore forced orgasms. I love sex so I can’t put a limit on my sexuality and how far I’d go. I’m somewhat of a dare devil and I’m willing to try everything once.

11What do you like about doing cam shows? 

I like cam shows because they are unpredictable. You can’t script the sex your having because it’s based on  audience’s requests. Cam shows are a good way to explore positions and even learn a new trick or two with instant feedback from your fans.

12 What was it like being on the Dr Suzy show? 

The Dr Suzy show is a Blast! I always try a new sex toy on her show for the audience. Before her show I only had one sex toy, now I own nine. Her show is really educational and hands on :)

13 What new scenes should fans look out for? 

There  are a lot of scenes  ready to launch this coming summer. A word to the fans is to keep a eye out I blast each scene as soon as it comes out. Make sure you comment about my scenes on the forum such as Adult Talk DVD and Freeones.  I created a profile and will comment back ? If you go to you can request me to do a personal scene just for you!

14 When you’re not in front of the camera what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I’m usually at the beach running keeping my body in shape or masturbating (to keep my body in shape). I love the ocean morning noon and night. I masturbate every single day at least once.

15 Where can people find you on the net and will you be having your own
site shortly? 

My fans can chat with me on twitter at @AnaFoxxx keep a eye out for my website coming soon.  For bookings please contact Ideal Image Management via email at [email protected]  You can also call me now at  I’m definitely not hard to find. I love my
 fans and love what they have to say.

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