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Exclusive Interview With Elexis Monroe-“I have always been more connected and attracted to women”

Cover & layout photos by Rick Garcia of IndustryByRick
Interview By Cindi Loftus
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Elexis Monroe is one of those naturally beautiful girls who comes across as a self-confident and comfortable in her own skin. Her sex scenes mean a lot to her, because they are more then just performances. Elexis makes love to her partners on film, and those partners are usually women. After being under contract to Sweetheart Films, she now works a lot with Girlfriend Films. She’d like to branch out into more mainstream porn, and hopes to do some acting roles for the bigger companies. She is also ready to start feature dancing, and has a website in progress. Elexis has been in the biz for eight years now, and if not THEE TOP girl/girl performer, she is certainly in the top three!


AF: It’s so nice to hear your voice. I see pictures of your face and your naked body. I chat with you on twitter. But I’ve never heard you speak before!
    E: Yes, I have a few videos on YouTube of me speaking, but they are old. Mostly I am just running around naked or something of the sort.

AF: That’s okay, we like to watch you running around naked.   
E: Thank you. Before we get started, Karen (a mutual friend of ours)  wanted me to tell you howdy.

AF: Karen is a sweetheart. She helped me pull together my Sandra Shine story. Sandra was on another continent and speaks a different language   
E: Yes Karen is very helpful to her friends. I love her. She’s a really good person.  I went over to meet Sandra Shine in July, I had spoken with her numerous times but we had never met. So when I went over there to shoot, I was surprised at how well Sandra spoke English. She said she spent a lot of time practicing and learning it better. We did all the dialog for the movies in English which I was actually surprised because I thought we might have a language barrier, but there wasn’t. She has a really thick accent but I think it’s sexy so I don’t mind.

AF: Sandra is a hot chick. So you were born, raised and schooled in California. Were you a sexual creature in high school?          
E: I started having deep intense sexual feelings in high school, yes.

AF: Did you only date girls in high school?
    E: I was actually with a girl before I was with a guy. She was my first relationship and it was a lot of fun. After that I did date guys. I had a high school boyfriend. Then I went to college and dated one guy and then  two different girls. I like dating girls but for some odd reason when it comes to the relationship aspect it seems like they (girls)  are not fully committed, whether it’s just for fun or experimental. Then with guys 99% of the guys I have dated are uncomfortable with my job or they end up getting uncomfortable with it because they feel I am more attracted to women. It’s been a mixture of both.

AF: It’s funny because that is something I’ve not heard before. Usually I talk to girls who do boy/girl and when they get a boyfriend they start just doing girl/girl because the boyfriend is uncomfortable with them being with guys, but he is fine with them being with girls.   
E: That’s interesting. I’ve always done girl/girl since I have been in the business. As far as intimacy goes I have always been more connected and attracted to women. It’s not like I don’t like men, I just haven’t found that guy that is my fit. So with women I just fit better. Last June when I was under contract I did boy/girl and at the time I was dating someone. And I was really happy with the direction the scenes were going. It wasn’t the hardcore porn stuff you see. It was romantic. It was sensual. I got to make love to the guys. I thought at the time it was good for me to do it. But at the same time I was dating someone and it was definitely hard for him to watch me go from girl/girl to boy/girl. But I think he realized I was the same person just doing things with a different partner. At the end of the day, my job is my job and I love what I do.

AF: And you are good at it.    
E: Thank you. I try.

AF: Do you consider yourself bi-sexual? Because it seems like you like to have sex with girls but you like to have relationships with guys.  
E: That’s exactly what it is. Some people don’t understand that. Everyone is different. But that is pretty much how it is with me. I feel like I am more intimate and sexual with women, but as far as guys I would like to settle down one day and get married and have a relationship and hopefully that person will accept me for who I am and what I’ve done or what I still do and if not that person is not the right fit for me. I would love to be a wife, but that’s not in the cards for me at the moment. What is interesting for me is that I don’t really have a sexual life off camera, so when I go and do my scenes it’s like 100% for me. I kind of like not doing things off camera and just waiting for work because I think my scenes are better, and not only that I’m just not the type of girl that is the one night stand kind of person. I am actually pretty old fashioned when it comes to certain things. My job however is not old fashioned.

AF: What everyone says about you it that your scenes are real.   
E: Me personally, I’m just not going to do something that my heart isn’t in. I’m not just going to do a scene just to do a scene. I am definitely not gay for pay. I can’t stand that some girls are, but what can I do. But, yeah, when I do my scenes I want them to be the best that they can be. So maybe that is why some of them are so good because I save it all for my scenes. I like to focus on my partner because everyone is different. Some girls like oral, some girls like breast play, some girls like kissing. I am just such a people pleaser and if I am going to make love to a girl I want her to enjoy herself. And I want the fans to love it. I would never want to do a scene or a movie that would make the fans disappointed.  I would hate that. I actually care so much what my fans think. I try to respond to feedback as much as possible and meet the fans at the conventions, and talk to the fans. Most of what I hear is positive so I am doing something right so far. I’m just doing what I do.

AF: You do it well. So you are going to be feature dancing?
  E: Yes it’s something I want to do. I haven’t started yet. I’ve been practicing a little bit here and there, plotting and planning because I want to make sure I go up on stage and give a really great show.

AF: Okay let’s do the question you get asked in every interview. (Laughs) How did you get into porn?
     E: Oh this is funny. I saw an ad for World Modeling and it said figure models wanted. I thought figure modeling was the Victoria Secret kind of thing. So I walk into World Modeling and there are all these Polaroid pictures of everyone naked. I talked to them and then I thought, okay so it’s nude modeling. So they took a couple photos and gave me a list of about ten contacts like Suze Randall and Earl Miller, the big time magazine people at that moment. My first shoot was with Matt from Matt’s models and it just flowed from there. After that I did Swank and Club and Taboo. I did a bunch of magazines. About a year or two later I started doing girl/girl shoots. Then I did my first girl/girl scene with Alicia Silver for Girlfriend Films. That was about eight years ago and I have pretty much been doing scenes ever since. I love what I do.

Part 2 to come…

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