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I don’t remember exactly where or when it was that I first saw a box cover with Hyapatia Lee on it, but I do remember thinking that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her physical beauty however, covered up a very fragile mental state, and the painful life she had lived through. Now, Hyapatia tells all the dirty and dysfunctional details, from her childhood, her teenage years, her start in porn, her marriage to Bud Lee and how she has come through it all, scarred but whole. Her book, The Secret Lives of Hyapatia Lee  is an excellent read, and is written personally and solely by Hyapatia herself, no ghost writers inflate the scary parts, they are scary enough without hyperbole. I was lucky enough to do an interview with Hyapatia after reading her book. She is a wonderful, giving, loving, soulful lady, an amazingly resilient personality, who lives a happy life after living through one that was just the opposite.

I was thrilled to read and review your book and do this interview. I know you don’t have a website, but you are quite busy on myspace.  Have you met a lot of  friends on myspace?

I have spoken to many of my old friends on my space and wish I could find more.  I really liked everyone in the business and I miss many of them.

You didn’t hold anything back in your book, even when it meant revealing such personal details as living with split personalities. That was very brave of you.
 The book was  impossible to write without telling the “why” of everything.  In revealing the most intimate details, I have cleansed my mind, sorted a few things out for myself, and hopefully inspired some other people. I hope I have helped foster an understanding for people with mental illness.  Many people just didn’t understand me at all, and I really wanted them to “get it”.

Do you still have “other” personalities living in you?
 Yes, I do still deal with the alter egos, but not quite as much anymore.  However when I am under stress, they do tend to rescue me.  The have helped me to deal with life and I think that is why the mind splits, to help cope with situations that otherwise would be too overwhelming.
You had a very difficult life in your young years. Do you think you would have been an adult star if you had lived a “normal” happy childhood?
 It is hard to say whether I would have gone into the adult business if the things that happened in my life to make me split did not happen.  My guess would be probably not.
Sometimes adult stars who have left the business or retired, say they should never have been in XXX. How do you feel about your life as an adult film star?
I have no regrets, other than moving into that apartment when I first left home.  I do not regret my time in the business as it was fun, fulfilling and I think ultimately, healing.

When Bud Lee was your boyfriend/husband he sometimes directed you in movies. You say in your book that Bud got those jobs because of your influence, that often he didn’t work at all and you were the main source of income. These days we use the term suitcase pimp. In your opinion does that term fit Bud during your relationship?
Yes, I do agree that Bud could be called “a suitcase pimp”.
Since you and Bud share children, are you two on good terms?
Bud and I only talk if it is absolutely necessary.  We really don’t have a relationship at all and both of us would be happy to  never see the other ever again.

Do you still practice your Native American ceremonies?
I do still practice my Native American beliefs and I have passed them on to my children.  Whether they end up finding comfort in them remains to be seen.  My eldest is an atheist presently.
How can people get ahold of you?
The best way to contact me is my my space page. I sell my autographed book and CD there and I hope to have a few other items available soon.

If someone would like to receive an autographed copy of your book, how do they go about that?
$20 will cover the autographed book, and priority mail costs.
Hyapatia Lee
POB 76
Stanford, IN  47463

How is your life today?
My life is filled with contentment.  I am basically happy.  I am in a play (the leading role) in Indianapolis and I am really enjoying getting back into theater again.

Even though you have been out of the business for a long time, you still have many fans. Do you have a message for them?
My message to my fans would be: I love you all and I wish you happiness, health and prosperity in all you do.

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