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Exclusive Interview With Jesse Jane- On her new Boy Toy, Being Famous & Diosa Tequila! WooHoo!

Interview by Cindi Loftus Courtesy of Xcitement Magazine

Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground

I had a chat the other day with the most famous working porn star in the world. She is recognized in every country she visits, and she travels everywhere.  From Oklahoma to Australia, you never know where she is appearing to promote her Diosa Tequila, or feature dance, or autographing her photos and it’s always back to LA to make more high end XXX movies for Digital Playground. You wouldn’t expect some one this popular and busy to have time for reporters and fans, but you’d be wrong. She is generous, candid, sweet, smart and funny. A delight to talk to for an interview, a blast to meet for a fan, and a wild trip to party with if you are lucky enough to attend one of her nightclub appearances. She also really LOVES to have sex, during her scenes, between her scenes and with her new boy toy. Read on for an up close and personal visit with the amazing and jubilant Jesse Jane. Woohoo!

Good morning Jesse! I don’t know how you keep the hours you do. You must live on energy drinks or something.
As much as people hate it, actually it’s just natural. I am naturally hyper. I don’t drink any caffeine because I’d hate to see me that way. I’ve done it a couple of times and I drive myself crazy.
You are traveling all over all the time, and it doesn’t exhaust you?
You know what? I’ve done it for god almost ten years now and even before I got into this industry I was doing it with Hawaiian Tropic. I’ve got a really big trip coming up which will be the longest at one time that I’ve been gone without coming back for at least a day. Usually if I am gone I at least come home for a day or hell at least a half day. So I can remember, I have a house, here’s my son. But this next time I am going to Australia for over a month straight. I will be gone all of April and I’m not coming back until May 5th. I am ready to go because Australia is one of my favorite places, but it’s just that that is a very long time to be out of the country. It’s not like you can call people everyday.
What are you going to be doing down there?
I was just there for two weeks and came back in December. This time they want me in Western Australia and I’ll be in a different city everyday. So that will make it hard. I will be on a plane or in a car everyday bouncing to a different city doing store signings, a couple photo shoots and I have a couple of dance gigs lined up.
That’s a lot of luggage.
They charge for every bag you have. I am only bringing one big one. There is no way to downsize that. Good thing I am small and bring small outfits.
Do you fly first class?
Yes I always fly business class. I always pay to upgrade my ticket because they are fifteen hours ahead, when I get off the plane they take me to the hotel and I have an hour and a half to get ready to go work.  Plus I am coming from a dance gig so that makes my day really long. It’s worth it to me to pay for the upgrade, otherwise I would probably be the biggest bitch! (Laughs) I’m not working. Let me go to the hotel and go to sleep. My back hurts. I am tired. (Laughs)
So in business class you get a nice comfortable chair, good food and drinks.
Yeah, it lays down and turns into a bed. I can choose as many movies and games. They have all that. They give you snacks. If you want drinks, but that depends. If I have photo shoots right away, I won’t even have a glass of wine, but if I’m not shooting until a few days later, I’m like yeah, bring me that wine!  (Laughs) You want another glass? Yep! You want another glass? Yep!

When I talked to you yesterday, you said you were shooting a movie?
Yes I am shooting two back to back movies, because I will be gone so long they can’t shoot me in April. I leave for a photo shoot in 45 minutes. Then I am staying over the weekend in L.A. so they can fix my Playboy Bunny Tattoo into a butterfly, and I am hanging out with my new boy friend here, since I am getting divorced.
I had heard about some troubles with your husband, and the sad news about your breakup. That is great that you have a new boyfriend.
It was a long time coming. Honestly we were together for so long and some people grow apart or stop trying. We stopped having sex. I forewarned him months before if you do not have sex with me I am going to have sex somewhere else.
Obviously you like sex since you do it for a living.
That’s what I am saying.
Weird that someone would have the most beautiful girl in the world in his bed and he doesn’t want to have sex.
Awww. Thanks. But he didn’t want to. So I started sleeping with my trainer in L.A. And he was supposed to just be my boy toy. We all know how I am. I’ll have sex with you real quick maybe once, or twice if you’re good. But for some reason this guy ruined my whole boy toy game.
Did you fall in like, or lust or love?
I totally did, I did damn it. I fell in love with him. And that is so crazy for me, because that is not my style. It freaks me out.
I wish you good luck with your new boyfriend. Is he going to Australia with you?
He is coming out in the middle of my trip to spend ten days with me. And I have Seymour who is my gay boyfriend that takes care of me. Nobody is as fun and crazy and on top of their shit like he is. And the good thing about this trip is it’s always somebody new and somewhere different. So it’s not so Ground Hog’s day. So I am meeting new people, and I always love meeting my fans.

What do you love about your fans?
It’s how dedicated and how loyal and sweet they are. They show up to everything. People on twitter are there for me when I go through rough times, saying they are there for me. They show their support. They are just so nice. They are really great fans. They wait in long lines to have me sign something. They are really really cool, ya know?
What is it like to be world famous?
It’s so different to me. I’m not going to lie. I know I have been in it for almost ten years. But when I go to all these different countries and all these people know my name and they know so many things about me. It is very, very flattering. I still can’t get over it. I’m like this is crazy. I just went overseas with my parents and someone said, “aren’t you Jesse Jane?” and my parents are looking like WHAT? Are you kidding me? We live here so we don’t think about it but when I go to Germany or France or Sweden and people say Hey! Oh my God, you are Jesse! I’m like really?
Can you go anywhere without getting recognized?
I do go a lot of places and people come up for pictures, but there are a lot of times when I am with my son, although my son knows now, but they are very respectful. When I am eating with somebody they leave me alone. But honestly it really doesn’t bother me if they come up to me. As long as we don’t go into details when I am with my son. People when they do stop me are really nice. I’ve never really had a problem.
Well you are the most famous porn star in the world right now.
Thanks. Woohoo! (Laughs)

If anyone knows a porn star, it would be you. And maybe Bree Olson because of the Charlie Sheen thing.
Yeah. You want to know what is really weird that you just said that? We just went to this game and people were screaming my name and I swear it was a group of young boys, the oldest one was maybe thirteen, and I am with my son. Some of them come up to me and ask to take a picture and say they are my biggest fans and it is a group of little kids. Of course I took the picture, but in my head I was thinking, this might be so wrong. (Laughs) I am thinking I am going to be the new generation, because Jenna’s been gone for years, but I felt so weird. Should I even do this?
Isn’t it funny to think that you are going to be their porn star, that they know and grew up with.
It’s very odd. Because my son is at that age, he is going to be thirteen in July. Some of his friends already knew about me but were really cool and never said anything. And so now I look at him and think, oh god, please tell me you don’t know because you looked. Please don’t tell me that you have gone TO look. And if you have don’t say a fucking word to me about it, I do not want to know.

(Laughs) What were you shooting yesterday?
A movie called “Falling for you” where I live with roommates, Manuel (Ferrarra), and Erik. And I realize that Manuel and I have more than a friendship and my boyfriend is abusive and tries to raise his hand to me and Manuel comes and rescues me and then takes me on a date and of course we end up fucking. And then tomorrow I’m thinking that I am playing some kind of college tutor. I am not sure yet. We have been so busy with our company change. (Digital Playground was bought by Manwin) So Robby D. is having to make up back to back scripts for all the girls as well as shooting his own movies. So that is what I think I am playing.
Who are you fucking?
That’s a good question.
So you are doing a movie tomorrow but you aren’t sure what you are playing or who you are fucking.
Ya know though, us girls at D.P. never have to worry because we have a list. Here are the people I will work with.  Now with Manwin coming they asked us to add a couple people. So there was three out of the thirty that I would try. I talked to Riley and Kayden and we picked the exact same guys.
Who are the lucky guys, do you remember?
I only remember one, because I am so bad with people’s names. I know that the one that all three of us picked was named Xander.
Oh, Xander Corvus? He just won best newcomer.
Oh, did he? Well then I am glad we picked a good one. So I know he is on my movie tomorrow and Friday, but because they haven’t finished writing the script yet, I don’ t know if I am working with him.
Poor Xander is going to show up at your set with all these D.P. contract stars and he has to perform.
I think that’s why they will probably not put him with me yet, and test him…

Cause you’ll scare him? (Laughs)
Well, because I am so aggressive you better come with your fucking “A” game because I’d hate to make it look like you are a fucking bitch because I outfuck you because you are nervous, and I don’t like to do a light scene. It pisses me off. I’m not going to say anything, but I just did a scene and I didn’t even break a sweat and I was so bored. I was like are you kidding me? What a waste. It’s like not even getting laid. I’m so bad. And he was a bad kisser. I don’t kiss a lot in my scenes. They always want you to start with kissing, and I stop, but kissing to me is more intimate. So if I have to start the scene kissing. I kiss for like five seconds and then I’m done.
You guys at D.P. are known for having sex between your sex scenes off camera.
Any of that going on lately?
Always, every set! (Laughs) They are such long hours sometimes and there is nothing else to do, you get bored.
How is Riley doing?
She’s good. I always talk to her and I saw her on Nurses. I haven’t been seeing her that much because we are on opposite schedules. She wanted to go out tonight but I have an early call time so I doubt I’ll see her unless she goes to dinner.

know you have a really big movie coming out. How was your shoot of Mothers & Daughters?
It was great because you have all the old school porn stars and all the D.P. new girls plus me, I consider myself a vet. It was fun. Oh yeah, my mother is fucking my boyfriend? I’ll fuck your boyfriend!
Who’s daughter were you?
Dyanna Lauren was my mom, and Riley was my best friend. I was sleeping with Manuel, and he was dating my mom at the same time. Manuel didn’t know she had a daughter and happens to come by my house when Riley was there and I find out, so we tag team Evan Stone who she had just broken up with. It was really fun. Riley and I are the best tag team there is. If they ever put a boy/girl/girl scene it’s always Riley and me with some guy. All the group of girls were great and sweet. So we just had a blast on set. We were hanging out and we’re like fuck it we are all girls here, let’s eat chocolate, who cares!
So you and Riley do a great double blow job.
Oh dude, yeah. Nobody does it better.
You just got put into the XRCO hall of fame.
I know I saw that yesterday. This year I’ll be in AVN too. Ten years baby.

After all this time do you have an unfulfilled fantasy left?
The thing is, I’ve pretty much gotten to do more than once any that I did have. I honestly have tried to think of what I have left to do, and the only thing I have left to do, there is a campaign with t-shirts and everything on it, to get me and Kayden Kross to do a scene  alone. We have never done it before with just her and I. She’s a little blonde like me. She is down for anything like me. And she’s rough and I’m rough. And the thing her and I always go together when we do the big orgy scenes. The only thing I have left that I have not done is I would like to fuck Kayden and nobody else. And I want the movie to be called Jesse Versus Kayden. So she fucks somebody. I fuck somebody. Then we fuck somebody together. We can be in all the scenes, doesn’t matter. And at the end, they just let us go. I win fucking best girl/girl every year. I can fuck chicks. Why don’t you let me fuck another bad ass chick who fucks back and I guarantee that would win.
JJ vs. KK.
Yes, JJ vs. KK! I’m telling you. I think now that we are with Manwin, I think they will do it.
Last time I talked to you and I talked to Riley, you guys had had sex on a hearse.
(Laughs) yeah.
Have you had sex in any weird places lately?
Well, we did the hearse. We did the wing of a jet. We got on top of an airplane and had sex.
On top of the airplane, on the outside?
Yes. We’ve had sex tied up. Evan Stone tied us up in a dark janitor’s closet together. I think that is all. Are any of those weird? I don’t know.

When I talked to you on St. Patrick’s Day you were at an event in Oklahoma City for your tequila. So that was the perfect day for it.
Yes at Bricktown. Diosa Tequila. Bricktown goes crazy. Everyone starts drinking at six am. And they go all day and night. So everybody was pretty drunk. We had my party at CityWalk and there were so many thousands of people that you could barely move. And when we walked outside to leave before 1am, there were lines of people around the building and two blocks down.
To come and see you!

It was crazy. It was a blast. I was sick, like I am now. So I couldn’t drink that night, which was probably the best thing, because I had to take a flight out at 4am. My tequila has been doing all these launches and everywhere we’ve been everybody loves it. At the liquor store in Oklahoma where I live, it was sold out in less then four hours.
Wow. What are the different flavors?
I have apple, mango, café caramel, almond and silver. We are in the process of making more flavors but those are the ones we started out with. What seems to be the favorite, number one is mango. The mango is ridiculous.
So how do you drink it? Do you do the lime and salt thing?
No, no. With these flavors you need no salt, no lime, no chasers. And we have been having contests about mixing it to make a drink. People are mixing mango with Sprite. I actually came up with the idea of café caramel, because it tastes caramelly, so I mix that with apple and it tastes like a caramel apple.
Oh yum!
It’s so good! We are going to have a contest to see what people mix to make a drink. I’ll start tweeting it when it’s on. And you can see more at

And you are going to be appearing in Florida soon too.
Yes I will be in Florida, dancing in West Palm Beach at the Emperor’s Club.
What are your favorite feature shows that they can look forward too?
They are all good. I have insane costumes. But nurse and fire fighter, I got new costumes because people love those. And I will probably do the police because everybody likes it. And I will do my cowboy one, that was from when I first started ten years ago. I can’t get rid of this outfit. It has chaps and the cowboy one just works. Everybody loves the cowgirl.
Everybody loves Jesse! This magazine is going to come out on April 1st.
Yeah, you have a cover. April Fools!
Yeah, we aren’t really doing a story on you, I just wanted to call and talk to you.
Do you have a message for your fans?
Yes, Thank you for all the love and support all these years. You are seriously the best. Go try my Diosa Tequila. And keep watching me on !

If you want to see jesse’s naked layout go here and turn the pages


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